Would You Consider Car Insurance When Buying Your Car?

If buying a new car is the need of the hour, then a lot of factors need to be straightened out. After all, buying a car is not a simple purchase decision that everyone makes on a daily basis. In fact, to many people, purchasing a car is the realisation of the dream that they would have had for several years. Apart from the usual things to consider, such as the model, the maker or the manufacturer of the vehicle , power, features, price and so on, there is one little thing that could come in handy sometime in the future – insurance. Insuring a newly bought car is one simple act that could save the owner a heap of future troubles and pain.

Car Insurance – How it works?

There are several different kinds of coverage that car insurance companies provide. Understanding the various policies is very important. In fact, the policies which are covered by the car insurance determine the actions to be taken when the time comes.

Here are some of the things that car insurers usually offer to cover:

1. Liability: This policy covers accidental damage to the car’s body parts. It also covers the damages that may have been inflicted upon the other party’s property. This includes property and vehicular damage. Not only does this policy cover the above mentioned cases, but it also covers defence and court charges as well.

2. Comprehensive Cover: This policy covers loss or damage of the insured car, in cases that are not termed as auto accidents (collisions, crashes etc.). This particular policy insures the car against elements such as fire, wind, floods, etc. and also against vandalism or theft.

3. Collision/ Accident: Accidental insurance covers the car against cases involving collisions with other vehicles or objects. This includes crashes, collisions, and full-blown accidents.

4. Medical Bills Coverage: This covers medical expenses incurred due to accidents. The insurance policy is applicable even if the owner of the car is the one at fault for the accident or collision.

5. Personal Injury Protection: PIP is similar to the medical coverage policy. It covers all the medical bills of the insured driver. The policy is still applicable, no matter who is to be blamed for the accident.

Advantages of Insuring a Newly Purchased Car

Insuring a car can be incredibly helpful in many situations. Here are some of the most common benefits that come with car insurance:

1. Benefits: In the unfortunate case that an accident involving an insured car leads to death of one or more victims or drivers, the insurance policy comes to the rescue of the survivors of the accident victims.

2. Lawsuit Coverage: In case of an accident becoming a court case, the charges involved in the case can be quite astronomical. Moreover, the case can go on for several weeks, or even months in some cases. Having an insurance policy can help pay for the charges involved, such as court hearing fees, advocate fees, etc.

3. Expense Coverage: Any medical expense that is incurred as a result of an accident can be taken care of if the car is insured

4. Discounts in Some Cases: In some cases, additional discounts are offered when the insured car gets stolen. Some insurers even offer a bonus in cases where no claims are made for the insurance. These perks can be quite beneficial, and must definitely be kept in mind when going for a new car.

In the UK, there are many different companies that offer car insurance. You should make sure you use a reputable provider such as AXA Insurance to avoid any problems further down the line.

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