Will Insurance Pay for a New Roof?

If you have noticed damages done to your roof, you might be wondering whether or not homeowners insurance will pay for it. Generally when there is basic destruction done to your roof, the answer is yes–they will pay for the damages done. However, depending upon how your roof was damaged will definitely determine if they will pay and how much they will pay to repair the damages.

If you want to dig even deeper into the scenario of getting your roof replaced for damages then continue to read on.

What is insurable if my roof gets damaged?

If your roof was damaged by natural disasters, such as seasonal storms, then chances are that insurance will cover the damages done to your roof. However, if there are damages that have occurred with your roof that could have been prevented by the homeowner then they might not replace your roof or fix the problem area. Here is the perfect example:

If your roof is falling apart due to the fact that it is getting old; shingles are falling or the edges are peeling, then chances are your insurance won’t be so quick to jump in and help.

Let’s say a tree fell over during a storm though, and ruined some of the shingles on your roof; you could possibly get your homeowner’s insurance to help you with paying for some or all of the damages, depending upon the particular policies of your insurance. Some insurance companies do have their limits though when it comes to making repairs.

To avoid getting stuck in a rut altogether and pleading with your insurance company to pay for damages, you should try to keep up with regular maintenance on your roof.

It is very common for people to mix up the difference between seasonal storms and other damages such as floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. Unless it is a seasonal peril then the insurance will not cover the damages. This is something that many people have gotten confused and frustrated about. Unless there is a type of natural disaster that is specified in the homeowner’s insurance agreement, the insurance company will not replace or fix the damages done to the roof.

Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for all of the damages?

Now, this is another place where many people often get confused. Most people think that because a certain type of damage is covered by insurance they will pay for all of the costs of the damage. This is not always the case. There are some insurance companies that tend to place a limit on just how much they cover; some will only cover a portion of the damages and leave you to pay out of pocket for the rest. However, if the damage meets the limit of the coverage that the insurance will pay then you may not have to pay for any of the damages that were done to your roof.

Your homeowner insurance company must also take into consideration how the roof was damaged before they delve into paying for the damages. Was the roof damaged from unpredictable matters or was it because the roof is starting to get old? Your insurance company will investigate the situation before they let you know whether or not they will be able to help you with the damages. Sometimes if the case is that your roof is old, the insurance company might only pay for partial damages of the roof and not replace the entire roof. It really all depends upon the individual insurance that you are dealing with.

Keep in mind that in most cases you will be covered for a new roof if the case was a sudden accident or sudden loss.


Author Bio: Ori Tal is a homeowner and real estate investor in Florida.

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