Why Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is essential for your peace of mind while you are away from the comfort of your home and known surroundings. Many holidaymakers associate travel insurance with the medical monetary benefits it brings in case of an emergency, but fail to recognise the additional added cover that a solid well-suited policy can bring.

As you probably know, in the unlikely event that you will require medical assistance while overseas, you will need to bear the cost of the treatment. As a non local resident, you cannot expect a foreign state to pay for your treatment and so travel insurance is the only mean to reimburse your costs. In fact, without it you might be limiting your treatment options in some cases so not something to take lightly. Further to the financial ramifications there are additional benefits that you should be made aware of.

Contents Insurance – Some policies will cover your holiday place of residence under a contents cover. For example, you might consider a villa holiday in which case you are responsible for any damage (even accidently) during your stay. A solid policy will go a long way to ease your concerns, particularly if your travel party has little ones running around.

Cancellation and Delay – There are many reasons why you might want to cancel the holiday yourself such as changes in personal circumstances or more likely, in case of unforeseen circumstances in which the travel agent, the airline or the tour operator might delay or cancel the holiday. Various policies will compensate you to a degree, though the like of which depends on the policy and the reason for the change.

Personal Baggage and Cherished Possessions  – Having to replace lost baggage on holiday is one thing, having to pay for it from your own pocket is another.  Most policies will pay towards your luggage or personal possessions if they are stolen, lost or damage. Airlines will often attempt to find your possessions for some time before admitting defeat, in such case your holiday travel insurer may act quicker.

3rd Party Liability – Not to be confused with car insurance cover, this time it is your own person who might accidently inflict injury on someone else. Common occurrence takes place when holidaymakers participate in sporting events such as watersport. Accidently hurting someone is a real possibility and a suitable travel insurance policy will cover this eventuality.

The key to successfully claiming, if you need to, starts with ensuring that the cover meets your circumstances. You must completely disclose your history and current situation with the insurer and read the policy keynote in detail as cover varies immensely.


Information by Affair Travel, UK based villa holiday company offering self-catering holiday in France, Corsica and Croatia. 

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