Why Join a work-related club?

Work-related clubs come in many forms, ranging from purely social societies to sports teams. Those sorts of things are not for everyone, but there is another type of organisation that will be of interest to you, as it involves saving money on a range of products and services.

Members’ clubs for employees that focus on things like household expenses, motoring and holidays rarely receive much publicity. However, if you have the chance to join one, it is something you should give serious consideration to.

You will discover the best of them offer access to exclusive discounts on holidays, insurance policies, financial services products and even cars. You are likely to have to pay an annual membership fee, but the savings you make should far outstrip that.

One good example of this type of organisation is the CSMA Club, which was established almost 90 years ago to support civil servants and their families. Today, anyone who works or used to work for the Civil Service and associated bodies or members of the Prospect trade union can join.

In return for the annual membership fee of £17, you will have access to a huge range of discounts that could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Holiday deals

With many households struggling to cope with the UK’s prolonged financial downturn, holidays are increasingly seen as a luxury. You are certain to welcome anything that can help you to reduce the cost of taking a break with your loved ones, so it is worth investigating whether a work-related club you are eligible to join has any attractive offers.

Among the discounts available from such organisations are money off luxury cruises and the Orient Express experience, together with package holidays and city breaks in Europe. You should also find excellent deals on your travel money, airport parking and the other sundries that can see the cost of your getaway soar.

Should you prefer to stay closer to home, shop around the various clubs’ offers and you will discover exclusive rates on high-quality self-catering cottages in beautiful parts of the country, including the Cotswolds, Devon and Sussex. Make sure you keep an eye out for deals on entry to theme parks, as you could reduce the cost of a visit to Alton Towers or Chessington World of Adventures by half.

Insurance discounts

Insurance is one of those annoying products that you rarely use, but cannot afford to be without. Premiums have soared over the past few years and most households now spend well over £1,000 a year to ensure they have all the cover they require.

Anything that helps to reduce that sum has to be worth looking at, and there are some useful deals available. For example, the insurance discounts for Prospect members from CSMA Club include up to ten per cent off home and motor cover from LV= Frizzell. That reduction will grow to 15 per cent if you buy both policies, along with contents insurance, from the company.

Shop around members’ clubs and you will find other good deals, such as breakdown cover at a greatly discounted rate and cheap travel policies. You are also likely to discover attractive offers on private medical and life insurance, although it is sensible to seek independent advice from an expert before buying the latter.


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