Which Country is the Best to Move to During the Recession?

Ever since the recession hit a few years ago, many countries and their citizens have been struggling to stay afloat during these hard economic times.  A recent Skyscanner survey revealed that 9 out of 10 Brits would be willing to leave the United Kingdom in order to find a better life abroad (Skyscanner, 2011), so if you’re considering moving on to find a better life you are certainly not alone.

Start by Looking Into International Removal Companies

Perhaps the best place to start your search of where to move to is to choose an international removals company to help you out.  These little-known companies can help you relocate quickly and painlessly, taking care of all of the details such as:

–                    Pre-move planning

–                    Packing

–                    Administration

–                    Shipping

There are a few great-looking companies for international removal services, but Sterling Relocation caught my eye. Obviously, with something as unbelievably important as moving all of your stuff to a different country, it’s in your interested to do your research and ensure that the quality, price and reliability of the removals company is perfect. Anything less would be risking your money and all of your belongs!

Choose the Right Country For You

Before we get into our list of top countries to move to during these tough economic times, it’s important to take into account what sort of training you possess, and how well your experience, knowledge and training will fare in the job market of those particular countries.

Top Countries During These Tough Times

I found a great article on a blog called ‘World’s Best Surviving Countries in Economic Recession’, and you really should read it.

The top country on our list is Australia.  The Aussies have been hit a lot less by the economic recession and seem to be continuing on just as they always have.  With a low unemployment rate, significantly lower living costs and sunnier weather, UK citizens often feel very at home in this beautiful country that shares many similarities.

If you aren’t keen on Australia, then by all means jump right across the water to the small island country of New Zealand.  The gorgeous landscape and the strong economy are the two top reasons why those from the UK are choosing to relocate there.

Another country that will leave you with a bit less of a culture shock is Canada.  Despite sharing many similarities with their American neighbours, Canada is perhaps the only Western country that’s continuing to be economically strong and have a low unemployment rate.

France, being located so close to the UK, is another popular choice, though if you don’t mind moving to a slightly chillier climate, Sweden is likely a better option.

To finish off our list, we’re going to go a bit further out.  If you aren’t afraid of a culture shock, then Asia may be your best bet.  China, India and Singapore all have thriving economies that haven’t been adversely affected by the recession.  Hong Kong also continues to do well and grow, as well as Japan.

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