Top Tips for Finding the Best Mobile Phone Insurance

Many people dismiss mobile phone insurance cover when offered it by their network, but there is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself phoneless after a big night out on the town with friends, dropping it in the washing bowl or seeing it slip from your grasp and smash on the floor. If you don’t have insurance cover then you find yourself with another expensive investment on your hands or 18 months consigned to your Nokia 3310.

If you have the right insurance cover however, you can just ring up your provider and ask them to send a replacement for the lost/damaged phone and be back up and running in no time. The challenge of course, is finding the best mobile phone insurance out there for your requirements, which can be a daunting task. However, with the proper research and the right questions asked, you can find a great deal.


Below are some of the options out there for finding the very best deal on your insurance cover:


  • See if you are already covered. If you have home contents insurance your mobile may already be included in that or available as an add-on at a low price.
  • Don’t automatically accept the offering from your network, it is likely theirs is at a highly inflated level
  • Investigate deals with independent insurers. These will often offer the very best deals as they are keen to gain your business.
  • If you have multiple mobile phones in your household then try getting a policy which covers them all. Buying in bulk in this way will usually bring down the cost compared to getting individual policies for each one.
  • Take care with offerings of ‘free’ cover. Usually these are just for short periods of time and after a month will turn into a charged policy.


If you take these tips into account and do plenty of research then there’s no doubt you can find a good deal for your mobile phone insurance and next time you drop your phone in the loo you won’t be throwing hundreds of pounds down the toilet as well.

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