Top 5 Ways to Shop for UK Car Insurance

If you want to lower your UK car insurance premium today, you are not alone. Your premium is a major, regular expense in your budget, and finding a way to reduce this expense can have a significant impact on your budget. There are five key ways that you can lower your premium cost today and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

1. Get a Quote

As a first step, get a quote for motor insurance. You can easily request a rate quote online, and this can help you to identify savings that may be available to you through a different insurer. Keep in mind that some insurers will offer you a discount on your premium just by requesting a rate quote online! Fortunately, insurers will soon not be allowed to take gender into account when calculating premiums.

2. Adjust Your Cover

If you have not reviewed your insurance policy in recent months, there is a good chance that you may be paying for more cover than you need. Insurance needs change over time, and adjusting your cover could result in savings. Consider if you need optional cover such as rental car reimbursement and towing service, if your cover limit could be reduced to accommodate a lower replacement value of your car and more.

3. Increase Your Excess

You may also consider increasing your excess. You should always have enough money in your savings account to pay your excess as needed. After all, you want your excess to be affordable in the event you do need to file a claim. If your savings account balance has increased, your income has increased or both, adjusting your excess upward could save you money on your premium without affecting your ability to file a claim as needed.

4. Look for Discounts

You may be aware that you have to qualify for certain UK car insurance discounts. When you last shopped for car insurance, you may not have qualified for some of those discounts. However, things do change, and you may now qualify for some of those discounts. Take time to review the discounts available to you, and you may be able to save money on your premium.

5. Refer a Friend

If you have had a great experience with your insurer, why not tell your friends and family members about it? You may be able to earn a cash bonus through your referral. Your referral credit can be applied to your premium, and this can result in savings on your next premium bill.

Nobody wants to pay a fortune on UK car insurance, but this expense is indeed a required expense in your budget. You can put some of these money-saving tips into practice today, and you may be able to enjoy immediate savings on your car insurance premium!


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