Top 5 Lies When Claiming Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance is a multi million pound industry, with millions of customers in the UK alone, insuring their mobile telephones through either their mobile phone providers or alternatively, an outside company. It would seem it is of the utmost importance these days to have our valued and treasured handset insured, especially when some of the top of the range handsets could set you back up to £600! So what happens when we receive our lovely, glossy new phone? Well, we certainly would not like to think about the possibility of it being lost or damaged or god forbid, stolen, however, this happens to over 70,000 people every day in UK.

The majority of claims put through our mobile phone insurance companies every day are genuine, however, a small number of claims are not. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to tell when a claim is a pack of lies although these days the providers are getting a bit more hot on false claims and making it more difficult for the mobile phone owner to claim falsely. Some will try anything in order to get a new phone, here are some of the most common lies used when making false or inaccurate claims;
1. My mobile phone was stolen:-  This used to be the most common of all lies when trying to claim for your old mobile telephone. It has, however, dismissed slightly due to the fact that all mobile telephone thefts have to reported to the police as stolen and a case number is required before making your mobile telephone claim. I think this has deterred a lot of false claims regarding theft for reasons that are quite obvious!

2. It fell down the toilet:-  another popular one, however, most insurance providers brought out a new rule to their policies which no longer permits the use of mobile telephones anywhere near bathrooms or damp environments. The reasons a clear; moisture almost certainly destroys the electronic mechanisms of our mobile phones and makes them irreparable. Having your mobile resting on the edge of the bath or in your pocket whilst on the lavatory is no longer an option!

3:- It fell in the bath :-  See rule 2

4:- I left it on the roof of my car and drove over it as i pulled away:-  Pretty unbelievable or just plain stupid? I’m sure it’s been done genuinely many times before, however, it’s not really a visible excuse for destroying your mobile phone anymore! This will be investigated and if the damage isn’t consistent of your chain of events, is could be proven so beware!

5:- It flew out of my hand and into a puddle:-  This is a tricky one as I’m sure this does genuinely happen quite often. If at any time during your account of events, should you happen to mention you were acting in any other way than sensibly, you could find yourself without your mobile for a lot longer than expected.

Hopefully, most people will endeavour to look after their mobile phones and not attempt to put in false claims just because they are bored with their old handsets or they would like the latest models and accidents do really happen, on a daily basis, through no fault of our own. This is why there are so many insurance providers to choose from offering such different levels of covers. Just make sure you get the cover that suits you so you’re not left without your treasured possession in the unfortunate event of loss or damage.

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