Tips to manage finances whilst relocating

Every year a lot of companies decide to relocate their offices. Moving your home or business is a very stressful event in the life. It is a big decision. There are many different reasons why people move their businesses. Some companies run out of space and as a result need a bigger office for their business. The other one wants to upgrade their office location. They may find a gauges office in the central city with a beautiful view and a fancy reception. They have hoped to achieve better profits in the new location. There are also companies which try to save money on the rent and move to the smaller office. All of them have one equal goal.  They do not want to lose their profits or the client during relocation! What to do?

  • Moving date – Carefully choose the correct date to move a business. Plan that in advance. Look at your business, when will be the best time? Have you got any deadline projects to finish?  Send out the e-mails and letters to all your clients to keep them inform. Maybe some of your staff could work from home during that time. Communicate with your clients. Keep them update all the time. You always want to look professional.
  • Move on the weekend – You should be able to move your company in one weekend. Of course that depends of the size of your business but it is possible. You could start moving from Friday afternoon until Monday morning if it is necessary.
  • Phone and Internet – You should keep phone and the internet to the last day in your current location and want to have phone and the internet straight away in the first day in your new location. Try your best to organise that, but do not get very upset if there will be some delays. You can organize a few days before to redirect all office land line to the mobile. Inform your clients in advance that you are planning to move office.
  • PC’s, Printers, Fax – make sure that you have an IT person in your new location to connect all equipment as soon as possible.
  • Address and Business Cards, Letter Headed Paper – Do not forget in advance to fill up re-direction form in the Post Office. They need at least two weeks’ notice. Order a new business cards and letter headed papers. Plan everything in advance to avoid as many unexpected surprises as you can.
  • Electricity, Gas, Water, Council – Call your service providers to let them know in advance about your moving date, so they can send you the final bills to a new address.
  • Clear your Calendar – Do not take any new project. Do not schedule new meetings, conference calls day before moving or straight away after.
  • Decide how to move – Are you hiring outside company to move your office. If yes, who will be responsible to coordinate them? If you are a small business, you may ask your employees to help.
  • Calculate in advance – Create a spread sheet with all the costs. Plan in advance. Get write down quotation. Always try to get better prices.

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