Tips for Obtaining Car Insurance after a Cancelled Policy

Anyone who has had their car insurance policy cancelled knows how difficult it can be to find reliable insurance after that point. It can cause a panic in some, because throughout the United States this means that you cannot drive your vehicle, which can pose serious problems for those of us that rely on our own vehicles to get around. Every state requires liability insurance in order to be able to use public roads. If you have had your insurance policy cancelled, and are now scrambling to find insurance, the following tips can help you to do so;

Ask For Reinstatement

Often times you have been dropped because the company has done a cost benefit analysis and have determined that it is no longer worth the risk of insuring you. This can be after several accidents, tickets, or any other warning sign that you may pose a risk that is not worth taking financially for the company. However, calling your insurance agent and speaking to them candidly can actually really help your cause. Discuss with them why your policy was cancelled, and make sure to ask for recommendations as to what you do next. Sometimes, they may even be able to transfer your policy to another company who is willing to take on riskier policies.

Examine Insurers

You should also be weighing insurance plans from a variety of different companies. By getting quotes and double checking that the company would be willing to insure you, and then properly investigating the different companies to find the one that is going to benefit you the most. Speaking with their representatives on the phone can be an excellent way for you to gauge the level of customer service that they provide, and also get to know them as a company. Use this as a time in which you can narrow down the list of companies to find the one that is best going to suit you. Perhaps in the end you will wind up with a policy that is better than the one that you had prior to the cancellation of your policy.

Alert the Appropriate Agencies

Your state likely has an agency that is in charge of dealing with these types of issues, and can help you to secure insurance quickly. Most states have laws that allow you a reasonable amount of time to secure new coverage, and also a limited amount of time in which you are allowed to drive without it. Some of these agencies will have resources available to them that can help you to find a new policy, as it is in their best interest to protect drivers on the roads as well. By informing them about your cancelled policy, you can get the date on record and utilize any periods in which you are allowed to drive without it.

If you have your insurance policy cancelled, it can be very tough to deal with. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration to make sure that you not only insure yourself so that you can drive, but that you do so in a timely fashion and follow all of your states laws in the process.

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