The Benefits of Being Self-employed

The lure of self-employment has always remained strong among those with inherent leadership qualities, although the recent surge in popularity has far more to do with the prevailing economic condition.

This is true on a global scale, as Canada’s recent economic fortunes can testify. After the Canadian economy added 52,100 jobs in September alone, the nation’s leading economists have since revealed that more than 33,000 of these were classed as self-employment opportunities.

The Benefits of Being Self-employed in 2013

Aside from providing a slightly misleading snap-shot of a nation’s economic fortunes, this statistic also supports the enduring popularity of self-employment and the benefits that it provides.

Consider the following:

  • A Chance to be Proactive and Source Opportunities: While those reliant on traditional employment opportunities must wait for relevant jobs to be created, self-employed individuals can adopt a more proactive approach and create their own opportunities.

This is especially true during a global recession, as organisations are more inclined to cut costs through outsourcing and employ contractors on a single project basis.

  • The Capacity to Work remotely and on a more Flexible Basis: Flexible working has benefits for both business owners and freelancers in 2013, while technological advancement has made telecommuting far easier than at any previous point in history.

Those who choose to enter self-employment can work from home and regulate their own working schedule, which can not only save them money but allow them to strike a more favourable work- life balance.

  • Greater Opportunity for Job Satisfaction: Even on a more fundamental level, it is easy to see why self-employment remains such a popular working method for 2013.

To begin with, working as a contractor allows you to earn a living from something that you genuinely enjoy and have a passion for, while it also provides you with an opportunity to work with several different clients and employers.

Both of these factors can contribute towards enhanced job satisfaction, which is an increasingly important consideration for UK citizens.

Author Bio: This article was written by Nixon Williams. To speak directly with a reputable IT contractor accountant, visit the firm’s website today. 

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