Swinton Car Insurance present the Speedometer

The car on the outside lane has just went speeding by you, you feel your blood start to boil and you feel like putting your foot down, the road is clear and you feel you can race the other guy into the dust no problem.

But wait a second now, take a moment to think about the consequences of your actions, do you really need a speeding conviction on your driving record? You may be thinking, well I’m not exactly a demon driver, but actually there is a fun and practical method to find out all about your driving sensibilities.

The people at Swinton car insurance have developed a fun test called the Swinton speedometer which is designed to let you know exactly what kind of driver you are based on the car that you drive.  Why not come and try the test to see where you fit in? You can then share your results on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and encourage them to take the test too.

The top 5 speed demons according to the Swinton car insurance speedometer.




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