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Would you like to create a guest post for Expert-Insurance.net?  Get in touch and we can have your post live in a matter of hours!

We have a few guidelines that your posts need to follow:

  1. English Only – We prefer English articles written by those with good language skills, but please get in touch with your article and we will feedback and do our best to post it.
  2. You can have a maximum of two links back to your website
  3. Only Personal Finance and Insurance Industry relevant articles – we don’t want articles about current affairs!

Write for us on our website and share your money saving ideas on how to get the best insurance policy. Insurance is one of those areas, which everyone knows they have to take out, but are often unsure of the policy that is needed. Whether you want a policy for your business, home or car, there are many different options.

We want to encourage more everyday people to contribute to our site, and make it a welcoming community of experts. You may not consider yourself to be an expert, however, any experience you have in finance, credit cards and insurance is valuable. Your life experiences, and money making tips will be the perfect things that people want to read.

In terms of content, you can check our category feed, but we cover a broad range of topics:

You can choose to write for us on many different subjects, and any help and advice that you have is welcomed. If you have recently gone through the process of renewing your car insurance, or changed companies for your home insurance, sharing these experiences is excellent. Our readers like to read actual stories and personal accounts of how to do something.

There are several different factors, which will encourage us to choose you to become an author, and following guidelines will help you to submit an article. Everything that you write should be easy to read, and never too complicated. You want people to enjoy reading what you write, and want to log back in to the website to read more.

Our readers return time and time again, to read the latest advice and guidance regarding many different subjects including insurance, loans and money saving ideas. You may want to write for us on a regular basis, or submit a guest post once in a while. Both options are fine, and you need to decide what you want to write about, and how to make it top quality.

Learning how to add blog post content that is quality is not as difficult as you may think, and can be incredibly rewarding. Seeing your work being read and appreciated is a fantastic feeling, and will encourage you to write more blogs. Visit the guest bloggers wanted section today, and learn how to write for us and be successful.

If you have an article that you feel fits these requirements, please get in touch using our contact form or by email to Keith.Osullivan@genuinesuccess.co.uk

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