Students – Insure Your Tech Ahead of the New Term

“Would you like to add an insurance policy to your purchase?” “no thanks” – a common conversation held between the customer and the cashier in the majority of electrical stores. Having spent enough money on the device, whether it’s a new laptop or a fancy smartphone, we don’t want to hand over any more cash for anything, but when it comes to insuring your amazing new device, we really should stop and think before declining.

The majority of students will suffer incidents while away at University involving our expensive possessions. Whether it’s the laptop turning itself off and not coming back on, the printer jamming and leaving you unable to unblock it, or a dropped smartphone resulting in a shattered screen and a loss of contact between you and the outside world, leaving mum panicking at home because she can’t check you’re eating healthily and getting enough rest (returning students will know, we’ve all had that phone call).


While it’s true that finances are tight for all students, attempting to make the student loan and “donations” from the bank of mum and dad last as long as possible, taking out insurance policies can really prove to be crucial if disasters do happen. Taking an example, you’ve bought yourself a cost-effective and durable printer aimed at lasting throughout your time at University, and by saving money there you’ve splashed the cash on a brand new laptop, fresh out of the factory and bagged up and on its way home with you within minutes of the launch.


Then, it breaks, and you’re left without a working computer, and £200 out of pocket because you’re not covered. Had you taken out the policy, you’d be able to get it repaired but instead you’re having to buy another brand new model.


This leaves you with almost no money left for the remainder of that semester, putting nights out and even investing in essential course related items like textbooks and stationary out of the question as you just can’t afford them. Your books might have to be second hand and your supermarket trips might have to feature a lot more own-brand items than luxuries.


When you put what can go wrong into this context, it really does make a huge amount of sense to spend a little bit extra and get your contents insured. After all, I’ve not even mentioned the possibility of thefts from your student house – a common place for burglars to go looking because they’re notorious for being filled with gadgets and alcohol. Getting your tech insured, if nothing else, will provide piece of mind, leaving you safe in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, while it can be devastating, it’s not necessarily the end of the world.



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