State Minimum Wage Rates

The US does not have one set minimum wage rate that applies to every state. Each state determines their own rates depending on different factors such as the cost of living and the needs of the employees. Although states tend to determine their own minimum wages, there are still requirements they have to fulfil…

If the state minimum wage is higher than the Federal Governments, employers are obligated to pay employees the higher amount.

It is rare, but there are cases where employees are exempt from the state wage just not the Federal wage.

There are 10 states in the US that make annual adjustments to the minimum wage to make sure employees are able to keep up with the cost of living. The remaining states make periodical changes depending on the results of legislation changes and ballots.

If the state wage is in fact lower than that of the Federal Governments, employers need to make sure they pay their employees in line with the federal wage. There is a possibility that employees are exempt from the federal wage but not the state wage.

The chart reflects the 50 states of the US and the minimum wage rates which applies to each.


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