Sell Your Extra Mobile Phone for Cash

We all know that… There are millions of mobile phones in the UK, not to mention all the phones around the world. Most people own more than one cell phone even though they may only use one. It can get expensive to have service on more than one phone at a time. Why do people own more than one phone? Many people like new technology so they upgrade their phones so they always have the latest model. They keep their other phone because they don’t know what else to do with it.

Why You Should Sell mobiles for Cash

There are a few good reasons for selling your used phones that are no longer being used. The number one reason is for the money, however. It is possible to sell phones for cash through the mail with very little trouble. There are even companies that are willing to buy your phones. All they want to know is if it is still in working order or not. Cell phones will be worth different values depending on the condition of the phone and the type of cell phone that you have.

How to Sell Phones for Cash

You have a couple options on how to sell phones for cash. One way is to try to sell it to an individual. You can do this through the mail with the help of online auction sites like EBay. You can also advertise it in newspapers and have someone come to your home to look at the phone.
The best way to sell your mobile phone is by selling to a company that buys them for a nice amount of cash. You can do it all by mail so there is no delivering the phone anywhere. Some companies will send you an envelope and pay the post on the delivery of cell phones. It really is quite easy to do.

* First thing is to fill out information on the envelope you are going to mail the phone in and send it to a company that buys used phones.

* Place the phone in the envelope and send it by post.

* Wait to see what the company will pay you for your phone

* Collect the money the company pays you for the phone.

The amount you receive is going to vary depending on the technology of the mobile phone. The latest and greatest of mobile phones will be worth more than earlier models.

What Happens to Your Phone?

Usually the phone is cleaned up and resold but there may be some that will need to be refurbished before they are sold. Did you know that sell phones have some gold and silver in them? This makes them valuable so whenever possible a mobile phone will be rebuilt. Many names like Blackberry for instance, are very popular. The company you sell the phone to will turn around and resell your phone. Many popular brands can fetch a good price for you and them.

Now you are back down to having one mobile phone to worry about and were able to make a few pounds by selling your old one. Why not take advantage of companies that are willing to buy from you?

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