Social Media? Where to start from?

If you are in that phase in your life when you are thinking about getting more followers, well rest assured it happens to us all. Have a think about buying instagram followers, or even getting them naturally.  At the end of the day getting the account for your needs requires some research, so that you can use your funds profitably depending on the circumstances that you are in.

So, if you want to save money where to start from – booking cheap hostel in Brussels or just skipping the vacation. The first thing that you should know is that before starting your savings, you need first to pay your debts. This is so, as the interest rate that is charged on the credit cards is usually much higher that the interest rate that you will get for your savings. You can make an exception in case that you are using a very cheap debt with a very low interest rate. In other words, in case that you have some savings, first pay your mortgage and leave some cash for cases of emergency.


Once you have done this, you can consider opening a regular savings account, where you can put different sums that could be as low or as high as you want in the range of 10 to 500 pounds. You can make one or several of these saving accounts and get an excellent interest rate. If you are not sure whether you will need the money soon or not the best way is to open a bank account that saves money but you can also withdraw money when you need to. In case that you have and will have a stable and guaranteed salary for a certain period of time, you can ask for a savings account with a fixed rate. Note however that you will not be able to access your cash during that time. The fixed rates are higher, but they do not offer an easy access.


Note that if you have a partner and he or she has a lower rate of tax, then you should make the account in that person’s name. This will be ok, if you trust that person, of course. When the name of the lower rate taxpayer is set, you will get a higher interest and live better in your Paris room. As a rule, the savings accounts are not as functional as the normal accounts, but they are better in the long run. If you are wondering whether your savings will be safe, remember that your account is protected by certain regulation scheme. In other words, the money in your account will be guaranteed and this is usually to a certain extend. If you have more money that the limit to which the account is safe, you can do a trick and just spread them into several accounts that are up to the limited sum. In this period of crisis and uncertainties, you cannot predict or know for sure which bank is in trouble. So, you should trust your instincts instead and common sense too and try to put the savings you have into several accounts and why not into several banks and thus stay on the safe side.

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