Safeguarding Your Courier Service

To give you control of your express courier services, and for peace of mind about your deliveries, it is often recommended that you take advantage of a track and trace service as well as courier insurance. If you own a courier company, an online booking and tracking facility is an important part of service, and provides a flexible and easy way for customers to get in touch with you. It also allows you to keep track of your couriers and safe guard your customer’s packages in transit.

Not so long ago, if customers wanted a next-day or express courier service, you would call a company to collect your parcel and trust them to get it to the right place. Advances in technology mean that customers can now book their pick-up online, entering all the details they need to get their package to the right place at the right time.

Having a track and trace facility allows you to have complete control over your deliveries, and to follow it every step of the way. There are many tracking systems that can be installed into your fleet to give you complete peace of mind. However, even if you know the location of your drivers, things can still go wrong. In the event of accidents, weather problems or damage to the goods contained in your fleet vehicles, you need to ensure that you are covered for your customer’s packages.

Even if your packages are fine, your vans may not be. In the event of a breakdown, courier insurance can get your drivers back on the road in a courtesy van to keep all deliveries are still met on time and ensure your company does not lose a penny. Coupled with a track and trace system, you can keep your customers updated on the location of their package, and when you expect it to reach its destination.

Professional companies like accountants, solicitors, insurance companies and banks all require courier services to transport important documentation to the clients or partner firms. You can help and attract these clients by offering them peace of mind with courier insurance. There’s nothing worse when closing an important deal, or handling the affairs of a VIP client, than worrying about where the accounts, letters or transaction documents are, and whether they will go astray. By using specialist insurance services, like professional firms can be assured that papers will reach their destination.

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