Relocate Abroad for Greener Pastures

It’s a fair assessment to say that times are hard in Britain at the moment. Employment opportunities are hard to come by for many – with well paid jobs being even scarcer – while the cost of living has generally risen. An indication of the struggle many Brits now face can be found in the fact that the amount of emergency food handouts has risen to record levels. More and more children are also being forced to attend school hungry, due to a lack of food available at home. The solution for many is to seek better opportunities abroad, with employment, higher wages, a lower cost of living and possibly the prospect of sunshine all reasons why one would want to do so. Finding the right place can be tricky however. Here are two great choices.


An English speaking country (though also French speaking of course!) that is very welcoming to British expatriates, Canada certainly has a lot to offer. As the eleventh largest economy in the world according to market exchange rates, job opportunities are plentiful and in fact, advertised to immigrants.

The success of Canada’s economy is down to a number of reasons, with the country’s primary sector being largely to thank. The farming industry is also illustrious; as is the fishing and seafood industry which is reaps huge rewards due to the Canada’s long coastal line. The logging industry also contributes to Canada’s economic success significantly.

Aside from the primary sector, Canada boasts one of the world’s strongest banking systems, which has particularly been strengthened following the collapse of America’s. Job opportunities in this sector are therefore plentiful.

Canada doesn’t exactly have the best mortgage rates, but they’re nonetheless on par with those in the United Kingdom and in major cities, cheaper. Furthermore, a generally lower cost of living renders Canadian mortgage rates to be more manageable than those in the United Kingdom.


As a member of the British Commonwealth, Australia enjoys a close relationship with Britain which is demonstrated through their very welcoming policy towards British expatriates. This is fortunate for us as Australia boasts one of the largest capitalist economies in the world. In fact it was measured as the 13th largest national economy by nominal GDP in 2011.

Australia’s economy is supported heavily by the service industry, where an abundance of job opportunities lie. Economic growth is also largely dependent on the mining and agricultural sector and the former has opened up a range of engineering job opportunities.

The cost of living in Australia isn’t actually cheaper than that in Britain. In essence it depends on the particular region, town or city you’re located in.

Housing prices in Australia are generally more expensive than those in the United Kingdom too; however this too depends on the particular region.


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