Making a funeral plans comparison

You want to make sure that plans are in place for your funeral to go just as you’d like it to. You have also decided that paying for those arrangements in advance not only saves your family and friends from those same agonising decisions at a time of their grief, but is also likely to save you many hundreds of pounds on costs almost certain to have risen by more than the rate of inflation.

So, you have decided to purchase a prepaid funeral plan to take full advantage of these benefits – but what goes into making a fair and meaningful funeral plans comparison?

The service you want

  • one of the first steps is to decide what kind of service you want – there are many different levels of service likely to be offered by a funeral director and you may make that choice now;
  • naturally, this also gives you an idea of the price you need to pay – at today’s prices – for the arrangements that are made when the time comes;

The prepaid funeral plans available

  • you know what you want and you know how much it is likely to cost – so now is the time to start comparing the funeral plans on offer;
  • as you start to make the comparisons, you are likely to find a wide range of competing providers, each with their own selection of different plans;
  • although you might find one that offers the cover you require at a price that seems more competitive than the rest – but that might be the time to make a second comparison in order to see exactly what is offered by that plan;
  • some providers, for example, guarantee to cover not only the funeral director’s immediate services, but also additional fees likely to be charged – such as burial or cremation fees or the charge made by any minister celebrating the funeral;
  • unless additional costs such as these are included in your chosen funeral plan, you are likely to find that your family still has to make a significant contribution to your funeral expenses – even though this was something you wanted to avoid;

Comparing funeral plan providers

  • paying for anything many years in advance is enough to make anyone worry – how may you be sure that the money you paid is still going to be there when you need it and sufficient to cover the costs you envisaged?
  • this nationally recognised self-regulatory body is responsible for ensuring certain standards to be maintained by all of its members;
  • this includes security of the funds you have paid in advance – typically by investing them in a whole of life insurance policy in your name or by putting the money in an independent trust;
  • members are also committed to finding an alternative firm of funeral directors in your area if your original choice has gone out of business in the meantime.

A rigorous funeral plans comparison is likely to give you the confidence and reassurance of knowing that the expenses for the plans you made for the services of your chosen funeral director are going to be available when they are needed.


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