Is Your Landlord Concerned About Your Safety?

Whether you have rented a home or an office for your small business, your landlord may not be concerned about your safety. While this sounds shocking, it is true that UK landlords are avoiding gas safety checks to save money. However, this is keeping you at a risk of fire, explosion or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

As per the Landlord License Scheme, your building owner has to ensure that they have met all the legal requirements for annual gas safety checks. Yet, 20% small business energy users don’t get these benefits because the scheme is enforced by only 40 local authorities. You may not even be sure that a certified engineer has fitted the appliances in your building. Research suggests that there are 2,500 unregistered gas fitters who complete over 250,000 illegal gas jobs in the UK every year.

What is more surprising that is that 23% businesses using mains gas have no idea that annual gas safety checks are compulsory? Another 18% businesses haven’t had a safety check in over a year. All these figures suggest that there is something terribly wrong with the way UK us handling its safety procedures at home or work. With millions of people living in these properties, we need to ensure that we become more aware of these simple procedures and enhance our safety.

You should persuade your landlord to talk to a certified gas fitter. It is highly likely that even they are not aware of the regulations they have to follow. Talking to them about it is the best way to ensure security. Remember, not doing the safety checks regularly will bring thousands of pounds in fine for the landlord. Moreover, in the case of an accident, the insurance company can deny your claim because you didn’t follow due diligence.

We talked to business gas supplier Flogas Energy to learn what can be done to make your premises safer.

Keeping all appliances in top shape

All the gas appliances used in your building should be maintained properly with the help of a registered Gas Safe engineer. Make sure that all flues or chimneys work well and there is ample space for ventilation. Servicing appliances regularly, even at the slightest issues could be helpful in keeping you safe.

Gas safety checks and records

Organize a gas safety check annually and ensure that all records related to servicing, problems and checks are maintained. This helps in avoiding fines and ensures that your insurance company pays you the dues in case of an accident. Failing this, you will have a hard time in getting a claim. In fact, working with unregistered engineers, getting poor fittings and not getting annual checks completed are enough reasons for your insurance provider to deny your claim.

Adopt the MOT-style of annual checks by scheduling the gas checks every 10 months. It helps you in getting your equipment checked regularly. It could be a game changer in UK safety norms that could save you from several safety hazards at home or at workplace.

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