If You Do a Lot of Printing Find an Ink Source You Can Trust

Whether you’re a large-scale corporation or a freelance photographer, you understand the importance of producing quality images when printing. Unfortunately, not all printer cartridges are created equally and because there are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which are best. Should you buy OEM (original equipment manufacturer) HP ink cartridges, or remanufactured ones? And which type of ink will best suit your specific printing needs, anyway? By finding a reputable ink source, you will be able to find answers to all of your questions and enjoy high quality prints every time. Here are four things you should look for in a trustworthy ink source:

1. Provides Options
Whether you’re looking for Brother Ink or HP ink cartridges, your ink source should be able to provide you with options that will match all of your needs. Some businesses utilize multiple printers that were manufactured by different brands, and even individual households may have a copy printer and a photo printer that require varying types of ink. But this does not mean that you should have to work with several different ink sources just to obtain the materials that you need to print quality images. A great ink source will be able to meet all of your needs – they won’t be a large brand in disguise, pushing only their own products.

2. Knows their products
Did you know that different types of ink are better suited to certain tasks than others? If you are printing company brochures or postcard flyers on a glossy finish, for instance, you may need to ask your ink source which type of ink will work best on the photo paper that you are using. A truly knowledgeable and professional ink provider will be able to provide you with a quick and accurate response so that you can get back to printing your documents with confidence right away.

3. Is Consistent
Many businesses would benefit greatly from purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges – as long as they are provided by an ink source with consistent high-quality products. Remanufactured cartridges are less expensive than OEMs and are more environmentally friendly. Companies that remanufacture ink should take the time to carefully test and evaluate their products for quality printing. Before buying remanufactured products, be sure to ask your ink source how they test the cartridges and look up product reviews online.

4. Fair Prices
The last thing that you want is to get ripped off by your ink source. If you have high printing demands and will be purchasing a great deal of ink cartridges, it is important that you pick a supplier who offers competitive, fair prices and will give you the most value for your dollar through providing great products.

The bottom line is that your ink source should take care of all of your needs. Whether you need HP ink cartridges or have a question about which ink is best for your project, a trustworthy and professional ink provider will be able to help.

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