Ideas for Raising Money for Charity

Do you want to take charitable action but aren’t sure where to start?  Do you work for a NPO trying to kick things off with a bang?  Have you got the perfect charity model but no funds to raise awareness?  Check out this list of great ideas for raising money for charities!

Wine tasting evenings

Draft local wine merchants to and hold a mutually beneficial wine appreciation evening.  A benefit of this endeavor is that it has the tendency to loosen pockets as well as tongues, resulting in widespread buzz and generosity for your cause.

Talent show

Get the neighborhood kids involved and hold a talent contest at a local venue.  Involve a panel of judges, surprise performances, you name it!  Some people love to show off, while others love to channel their inner Simon and get behind the scorecard.

Pub quiz

Hosting an event at a local watering hole can be an easy way to drum up some cash for your organization, and the establishment will likely be happy to help as it means more business for them too.  Try picking a themed idea, or involve questions topical to your charity’s work for a added flair.

Promise auction

Ask friends, family and co-workers to volunteer their skills, expertise and services for auction at your charity’s benefit — from moonlight serenades to car washes, there’s bound to be something for everyone.  Ask local businesses to get in on the act — restaurants, theatres and sport venues can be a real attraction.

Adult spelling bee

Self-explanatory and hilarious!  Draft your friends, family and colleagues into a competition of wit and wills to see who can keep their cool and emerge as champion.

Recycling drive

Encourage your friends, family and neighbors to bring by their old and unused household items — they can be sold, or used in and of themselves to help your cause.  Whether you’re recycling plastic for cash or recycling clothes for use in shelters around your city, this is a no-brainer that benefits everyone involved.  Third party websites can help you get a good read on what to expect by way of compensation for certain items.  And remember to make sure to do your research on what sorts of materials can be collected, and where, in your vicinity.

A final word

Whatever you decide to raise your funds, it’s important to have a plan — but don’t be afraid to deviate from it as need arises.  It’s important to have a proper kick-off for each event, so that they don’t feel too informal or boring; energy is key!  Finally, make sure to cut cuts — but never cut quality!  Good luck in your efforts!

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