How You Can Save Money On Your Mobile Roaming Costs

Travelling abroad with your mobile phone can often result in a highly unpleasant bill when you return home. It can cost up to £2 a minute just to receive a call, with text messages and voice mails adding to your costs.

Whilst travelling you are charged to receive a call (around 10p a minute in the EU where costs are currently capped) but it is free to receive text messages anywhere in the world.

The first step to reducing your mobile roaming costs is to get your friends to message you instead of calling. You will be charged to reply at around 50p per message outside of the EU, if you lrn 2 spk txt m8 then you’ll find you can save money. Be aware that going over the 160 character limit of an SMS message will incur another text message charge.

An alternative is to use your mobile phone like a page, i.e. get people to text you and then you call them back. Using an international calling card you can get very cheap calls and this will save you money.

That quick look on the Internet to get directions or a restaurant recommendation could have cost you a good few pounds. Switch off your data connection before you go and only use free wi-fi at hotspots in restaurants, hotels and so on. Download apps or watching videos on your mobile will leave you groaning when the bill arrives on your doormat.

You may find that your mobile phone provider have special deals for people who are travelling abroad. Give them a call and badger them for the best deals for your trip. You might be surprised on the offers they have and how much you can save! Some of their offers may incur a monthly fee (but you can cancel it after the first month) which will end up saving you money, even after the fee has been taken in to account.

Make sure you turn off 3G, email and anything else where your phone connects automatically to the Internet. This connectivity could land you with a big bill unexpectedly. Many phones will connect regularly to the Internet to check for messages and to update news tickers, apps and other features of your phone. Turning these off will save you money and the headache of dealing with the bill.

You will often find many different networks abroad that you can connect to. The networks will have different operating agreements with your phone provider so make sure you check the deals before you go.

Your phone will typically connect to whichever network has the strongest signal, but that isn’t necessarily the cheapest network for you! Make sure you manually connect to the network you want to connect to before you go.

If you are going to use your mobile phone a lot whilst abroad then you may want to invest in a local sim card to really keep costs down. This way you can benefit from local calling plans which will be a lot cheaper for calling within the country you are visiting.

You don’t need to come home to a huge mobile phone bill after your holiday. With a little bit of planning and care you can keep your mobile roaming costs right down.

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