How to use Annual energy statements to save money

Are you wondering how you can use your Annual energy statements to save some extra money?

The statement makes it simple for you to see whether you can save some money through switching your power provider. The key thing is that the statement highlights your annual energy spend after Ofgem, the country’s energy regulator forced energy suppliers to let customers have clearer power bills. The drift of this discourse is to provide you with crucial top tips on how to use Annual energy statements to save £100’s on your power bills.

With the clearer energy bills it is easy for you to switch energy. What this means is that you can change the power company that bills you without changing anything else. The best part is that you can save even more than £200 a year if you have never switched previously. If you consider the fact that if you are on the standard tariff you are charged £1,200 a year, whereas as a typical user you will pay less than £900 per year. This is just one way you should know on how to use Annual energy statements to save £100’s.

Another point you should know on how to use annual energy statements to save £100’s is that you can save about 10% if you establish a monthly direct debit for paying the bill. It is however advisable to ensure that the power supplier does not set the saving rate so high or very low.
You are also advised to regularly conduct a meter reading, and not to rely entirely on the energy supplier’s estimates that are usually way off. Be careful because just in case the supplier is under billing you, you shall have to pay a huge sum at the end of the year, and if you have been over billed, the supplier has your money unfairly. If your direct debit is also way out, ensure that you call up your supplier and request for some adjustments because as the customer, you have some rights to demand that it should be correct.

Another tip on how to use Annual energy statements to save £100’s is to switch to your supplier’s internet tariff/billing. Because the energy statement clearly indicates all the tariffs, you will be in a position to make a more informed decision on which tariff suits your energy needs. You will often get an opportunity to save up to 10% on the standard tariff. Additionally, you do not have to wait for your bills in the mail, you receive them through email.

On the Annual energy statement, you will be able to access information on how to grab some of the £1,000’s of energy grants. There is a wide variety of energy grants that are on offer for improving efficient energy consumption. The grants are targeted towards issues like heating and insulation as well as solar power. You can get energy grants on a wide range of home improvement grants that will save you some cash on repairs as well as energy costs.

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