How to Get Free Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great alternative to save big on electricity and energy bills, some have made a killing through them, but thanks to the government aids now it could be easier than ever to have them installed for a fraction of the cost.

Here is a quick guide on how to get free solar panels, save more and make some decent money.
Solar panel system is capable to save the average home 90£-180£ a year on electricity bills. But the real news for home owner is that thanks to new Government aids you get a feed-in tariff for the following 25 years from installation, i.e. Government pays you to produce electricity from your home, even if you end up using it just for yourself.
This new procedure is now active thanks to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) that has confirmed it earlier this year, and it will be active for every solar panel installed within 3 March 2012. Yet the government has already stated that the feed-in tariff will be reduced by half within the end of 2012.
How do solar panels work? Solar panels are installed on the roof and start generating energy from the sun. Of course this country is not always sunny and shining but the real deal with solar power is that there’s only need for daylight and you will be able to generate enough energy for your needs. Whenever you are not in need of this energy, it goes back to the grid until the next time.
If used correctly, solar panels can save a lot of money on bills, basically in two ways:
– you save on your electricity bill. It’s been estimated that an average 2,9kWp system can put away around 90£ -180£ a year and it can cover about 50% of a home’s electricity. Keeping in mind that energy cost will raise in the next 25 years, you are going to save much more in the future than now and you’ll get the same energy for much less.
– Another good point to valuate is that government has introduced in the last two years now the feed-in payments, which means that the government pays for all the solar energy you can make, even if it is for personal use only.

This last point highlights the fact that you as a home owner can get solar panels for free by subscribing a contract that binds you to a third party company for the next 25 years.
This may sound great to many, but you should weight the benefits and risks when going for free solar panels, especially in this moment as the solar panel industry is in a not so clear phase and it seems that less and less big companies are accepting applications for free solar panel schemes; also, it’s not so clear if the installation option is still charged to the company or the home owner.
Here are some advantages and disadvantages to look when deciding if and how to get free solar panels.
– By getting free solar panels installed you will gain a resource for free energy and electricity, and your savings will increase through the years.
– If you opt for free solar panels, you will reduce your home’s production of carbon footprint too, at no cost from your side.
– Maintenance costs are usually supported by the free solar panel company, as well as insurance, you should check your contract though for any further explanation.
– When it comes to learn how to get free solar panels for free, keep in mind that solar companies give you the possibility to produce free energy but at the same time they keep the feed-in tariff for themselves.
– Another final aspect to consider is that free solar panels are always owned by the panel firm, some may ask for a reasonable buyout fee, some others don’t.

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