How To Find the Extra Cash this Christmas

A little extra cash around the festive season never goes amiss. After all, it’s well-known as the most expensive time of year. With so much to plan, buy and prepare, it’s no wonder that most of us could do with a few more pounds in our pocket. But time is fast running out and, as usual, our budgets just don’t seem to stretch. And  with the January payday seemingly  a million miles away, where could you find a fast lump sum this close to Christmas?

Find a Temporary Job

Many people choose to work temporary Christmas vacancies, at this time of year, to supplement their income. Lots of companies are looking to take on temporary staff around this time of year so that they can deal with the surge in shopping. Others may also have the option of working overtime shifts but the rest of us are not so lucky. And there seems little point in working over Christmas if you can’t enjoy yourself!


Saving a little cash each month is by far the best way to fund your family’s Christmas. We all know the phrase ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves’ and it’s true! The cost of Christmas can be easily spread out over the year if you stick to a decent plan and budget. Look around for Christmas savings funds that many companies now provide. They help you save what you need over the year so that when it comes to December you can put your feet up and relax.

Save Again

By doing some smart shopping you may not need to find the extra cash this Christmas. Many online stores provide heavy discounts on the same goods in comparison to their high street counterparts so you could save a bundle just by ‘going online’. There are also many free events going on this festive season so that you needn’t spend a fortune on being entertained. Why not take your family out for a spot of festive carol singing or just go on the traditional Christmas walk?

Get a Tax Rebate

But if you travel to work on temporary work sites, you may not need to wait for a Christmas miracle. Thousands of people who take either their own vehicle or public transport to work on temporary sites could be owed thousands in back taxes. An RIFT tax rebate could unlock that money already owed to you quickly and hassle-free. Many people who work in the construction industry, or otherwise have to travel to temporary sites to work, are eligible. All the money you have spent on travelling to work on petrol, bus or trains tickets in the last few years could be sitting waiting to be claimed.  So why not see whether you’re entitled to claim a tax rebate? It’s risk free and could transform those pounds you spent at the pumps into a tidy cash sum, just in time for the festive celebrations.

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