How to Find Cheap Motorbike Insurance

Motorbikes are a lot of fun but insurance can be pricey. Motorbikes are seen as a high risk to insurance. The key is to present yourself as a low risk to the insurer. Follow these simple steps to get the best possible insurance rate for your motorbike.

*Consider your age. The younger you are, the more expensive you are going to be to insure. If you are under 30, you might want to consider insurance that covers only the damage to other people or their property. Remember that this means that damage to your motorbike will not be covered.
*Calculate how far you actually drive your motorbike. If you are using your motorbike as a hobby, you probably drive it a lot less than you think. Your insurance will be lower if you report fewer predicted riding miles. If you are using the bike as your primary mode of transportation, don’t lie about the mileage as it could only cause trouble in the long run.
*Make sure your motorbike is secure when you are not using it. Part of the issue in insuring motorbikes is theft. If you are unable to store your motorbike indoors, make sure you have an insurer-approved security device.
*Calculate how much you are willing and able to pay if you have to make a claim. If you are willing to pay more of the damage bill out of pocket, your overall insurance will be lower. Of course, if you do get into an accident you will want to be ready to pay that larger sum. On the plus side, if you do not get into an accident your premiums will be lower and you can use that extra cash for something fun.
*Think about how much you should cover. Do you really need to include your helmet in the insurance coverage? If your helmet is scraped during a minor accident it will probably be cheaper to buy a new one that have had it covered by your insurance.
*Look at your calendar. Many people do not ride motorbikes during the winter months so why insure them during that part of the year? Temporary insurance that covers only the months you intend to ride your motorbike may produce large savings. Make sure to file a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) for any vehicle not currently covered by insurance.
*Be ready to make one big payment every year. While many insurers offer installment plans, these plans often come with extra fees or interest. Paying off your insurance in one lump sum every year is the cheapest way to go.
*Make sure to keep your insurance company up to date. If you move your insurance may actually be cheaper. For example, if motorbike theft is particularly high where you live and you happen to move to an area with less theft your insurance may go down. Your marital or parental status may also affect your insurance. Married parents are typically seen as lower risk. If nothing else, make sure to keep your records current to ensure that you don’t invalidate your coverage because of false information.
*Shop around. Use websites to compare and contrast various insurance companies or simply call around for quotes. Some companies offer discounts if you insure multiple vehicles on the same policy. Ask about discounts for carrying difference types of policies (i.e., home insurance or rental insurance) with the same carrier.
*Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Just like any other company insurers want to keep your business. Ask for hidden discounts or any other possibility of lower rates.

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