How Much Should You Spend on Contents Insurance?

Content insurance is the cover that protects the possessions you have inside your property. This includes things like the furniture, jewelry and even items of clothing, like a wedding dress or particularly valuable boyfriend blazer. Content insurance is normally sold alongside home insurance, however, if you’re renting a property rather than living in it as the owner, it can be acquired as a separate policy.

While contents insurance can be seen as an unnecessary cost, it will protect you in the event that you are burgled, and it’s at least worth finding out about how much you might end up paying were you to get covered.

What you should expect to pay

Content cover can be quite cheap depending on what you want to get insured and which extra cover options you go for. The price you pay for your content insurance will also depend on other factors such as the area where you live and the level of security installed in your house. In general however, content cover costs around £1.25p per week for every £7000 of cover purchased.

To get a better approximation of what you’re like to pay, you can get a quote by phoning up an insurance company. However, the easiest way by far of getting a quick idea of the figure you’re likely to have to shell out is to get on the internet and use an online insurance calculator.

Types of Content Cover

As with most types of insurance, content cover offers a basic policy with extra and optional add ons. The most basic content insurance will cover the policyholder for damage or loss of property by theft, fire and flooding. You can also choose to get accidental damage cover, which will cover you in the event that you mistakenly break a possession, however, it should be noted that claims of these nature are thoroughly investigated in order to rule out the possibility of fraud, you may also have to pay excess on some accidental damage claims.

Anything not physically attached to your house is listed under things that can be covered by content insurance, however, these items are generally static and rarely, if ever leave the property. If you have expensive items that you often take out with you, or a particularly valuable wardrobe, you can choose to go for personal possessions cover, which will cover the items that you take outside your house, such as a watch or laptop.

Where to get Content Cover

There are various outlets in which you can get your content cover. Specialist insurance companies are the most obvious choice, however, banks, building societies and even some supermarkets also offer competitive rates on content insurance.

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