Holiday Prep 101

This holiday season may find you doing something completely new, or just settling into familiar routines, like visiting with family, or even experimenting with some pretty elaborate and over-the-top menus. Doesn’t sound like there could be much danger in this, right? Well, you’d be surprised! Adults and children alike often use the holidays as a time to relax and free themselves of certain limitations. These can lead to accidents that, when left unattended or poorly attended to, can affect both yourself and your home. You don’t want to have to dip into your homeowners insurance just because of a holiday mishap, do you? Have a look at some of our basic holiday Prep tips to help you get through the holidays without a scratch!

  • It’s a common practice these days around the country, for domestic gourmands to try their holiday hands at turkey frying. Now don’t get us wrong, this stuff is as delicious as delicious comes. For whatever reason, submerging that large bird into a bath of hot oil doesn’t hurt it one bit – still moist, still flavorful, and best of all – ALL the skin gets crispy. The problem is that many people underestimate just how dangerous this culinary procedure can be. Too much oil, can spill, combust, and in general set things on fire. Too little oil, and you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a hissing exploding turkey. Do this outside and away from toddlers and uncles who have had one too many cups of mulled wine. Your house and your family will thank you for this.
  • You will probably be drinking and serving a lot of alcohol at your holiday soirĂ©e. Now, we’re not going to pretend that we could even imagine telling you to cut back, BUT – take these two facts into mind: Many accidents that happen in the home during this season are caused by someone who was inebriated. Either they were not paying attention to something, or they ended up making clumsy physical contact with something, becoming the catalyst for a terrible accident. Additionally, since most holiday events mix adults and children, there needs to be more than just two adults on sober patrol. Kids can smell a vulnerable adult a mile away. They’re small, quick and fast – essentially built for mischief. So if you’re not going to cut back, fine – but do consider the two-fer drink rule: for every two alcoholic drinks you have, down a full glass of water.
  • If you’re going to be out of the city or state to visit with your family for the weekend, don’t forget turn off your computers, modems and routers. We often traditionally fixate on the iron and the stove or oven, but computers are points of vulnerability too, not merely because they are electronics and conduits of heat, but also because NOW is when hackers attack. Open networks are vulnerable and easily penetrated by even the most rudimentary hacker, giving them access to your email and files with personal information. This information can bolster identify theft, and in some cases, provide the coordinates to facilitate a B&E. Turn your stuff off! Compare the best rates in cheap car insurance today!

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