Holiday Insurance for Minors

Many parents wonder whether they should purchase insurance for their children before a big trip. This is a particularly important question if you are sending your children on a trip without supervision from you, such as to visit family members abroad or on an international trip with peers.

While some people shudder at the price of insurance, a lot can go wrong while a minor is travelling. Even a trip to visit an auntie in the States can end up going wrong, which can cost thousands. To help you find the right insurance plan for your family, here are some useful tips.

Types of insurance

Generally, insurance for traveling falls into two distinct categories: travel insurance and travel medical insurance. Travel insurance will cover things like lost luggage, cancelled or missed flights, unused hotel reservations, and other things related to the trip itself. It can most often be purchased when you buy your plane ticket, or sometimes it is available through travel agents or online.

There is also insurance for items of value, such as electronic devices, photographic equipment, antiques and valuable jewelry, but these policies are generally separate from simple travel insurance. It generally protects against loss, theft, or damage. These policies are often purchased separately from other types of insurance and may require an appraisal.

Travel medical insurance, meanwhile, is meant to cover medical expenses that occur overseas. There are varying degrees of coverage, ranging from payment for hospital treatment to medical evacuation in a helicopter. You can decide which type you need based on your child’s medical needs and the environment where they will be visiting. For example, a visit to Disney World in Florida may require basic travel medical insurance, while for an African safari, you may need medical evacuation insurance as well.

Should you buy it?

While travel insurance can seem like an extraneous expense, there is a lot of benefit to being covered. At the minimum, a missed flight can instantly double the cost of travel to your destination. Or, a lost suitcase filled with kids designer clothing can force you to have to foot the cost of buying all new clothes for your child to wear during the trip.

If these expenses seem daunting, wait until you see what a medical emergency abroad will do to your bank account. Some countries, like the United States, do not offer affordable healthcare to all its citizens, and even a minor treatment can cost a lot more than at home. Furthermore, if an emergency evacuation is needed, this procedure can end up costing hundreds of thousands.

Therefore, it always pays to play it safe and make sure that you and your loved ones are covered. To find the best policy, consider carefully your needs and then visit a travel agency or look online for a policy that will give you the best possible coverage, allowing you to enjoy your trip without worry.

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