Gadget Insurance For University Students

Whether you’re planning on taking a household worth of possession or just the basic bits and pieces, protecting yourself against any potential loss or damage is essential. Taking out gadget insurance or student insurance can offer the peace of mind needed when moving away for the first time.

Why take insurance?

Insurance is one of the most important things to be packed before heading off to university. It will offer a backbone should anything go amiss and can mean a student has peace mind if, like me, they’re computer is a little bit temperamental.

Does contents cover from home count?

It is possible to extend a home contents cover insurance policy to cover items that a student is going to take to university with them, but in the long run this could mean upping the cost of the contents insurance premium.

Should a claim be made it is going to influence the full premium on the home, for everything that is covered. So if you have a lot of specialist items on an insurance premium, upping the cost is going to mean individual cover will increase as well.

As well as this, adding to contents cover doesn’t always add the fluidity that having a bespoke student or gadget insurance premium brings. Many will be designed to the particular student and take into account ‘the student lifestyle’, whereas contents insurance companies are more likely to question why a laptop was left in a communal space in the first place.

Is it expensive?

Student insurance can cost as little as £8 a month and offer cover for laptops, MP3 players and phones for up to the value of £750, this can grow to £12 for cover on £1,500 worth of gadgets.

It is also possible to add bespoke cover to student insurance. For example, someone studying with expensive specialist sporting equipment can have this added to an insurance premium. This is likely to increase the price slightly, but it is a huge weight lifted none the less.

Research from MoneySupermarket suggests most students take around £3,000 worth of belongings away with them when heading off to university.  Paying out £8 a month for a couple of years is drastically less than this and should anything go wrong will mean having to pay out substantially less to replace any broken or missing gadgets.


Keith Hodges is a personal finance journalist writing financial advice for students and young adults at

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