Five Fab Ways to Save Money for Women

If you would like to be a frugal female then here we have a few tips that could help you save money in areas that you never thought about, and maybe some that you did. These times are tough for everyone financially, but guys can generally get away with buying fewer essentials than girls, so it is even more important for women to know where they can conserve their cash, while still enjoying life and not giving up on life’s necessities.

1) Keep your shoes

Buying new shoes obviously costs a fair bit of money, so save your cash by NOT buying new shoes. Simple common sense, but what happens when yours wear out? Rather than throwing your old shoes in the bin when the sole or the heel goes, take them to the cobblers and have them repaired. This is cheap and an effective way to get extra months or even years from your favourite heels, boots or pumps.

2) Car insurance for women

Because women are statistically safer drivers, car insurance can be cheaper than it is for chaps. So if you want to save a serious amount of money on your motor insurance premiums it is worth finding an insurance provider that offers car insurance especially for women.  AXA is one such provider so visit for classic car insurance cover in Northern Ireland.

3) Go vintage

Second hand clothing is not second rate, so don’t shun used clothes as this is a way to get some gorgeous clothing without spending a fortune. If you long to go shopping but you can’t afford to spend much, have a trawl through your local charity and vintage shops and you are bound to find some stunning gems hidden in the racks. This may take some time but hey, it’s shopping so it’s fun!

4) Save on shampoo

Hairdressers will tell you that conditioner is more important than shampoo, so if you are trying to save money on your toiletries go for a less expensive shampoo, as most have very similar ingredients, and stick with your regular conditioner. It is items like shampoo that really send that shopping bill rocketing up.

5) Modify your clothes

As an alternative to shopping for new clothes, you can save money by investing some time and effort in the pieces you already have. You no doubt have a huge pile of clothing in the back of your wardrobe that you never wear, so get out the sewing machine and see what you can do to modify these pieces to bring them up to date.

Follow these recession-busting tips and you will be able to reduce your outgoings and maybe even save up some money. So be a frugal female and save your cash for bigger things.

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