Fancy doing a little DIY over the Christmas break? Make sure your home insurance has accidental damage cover in case things go wrong

In a survey conducted by Halifax*, two thirds of people said they carry out their own home improvements in an attempt to save money, instead of hiring professionals to do the job. But what if something bad happens while you’re at it? If you’re thinking of doing a spot of DIY over the Christmas period, make sure your home insurance covers you with additional accidental damage cover, just in case something goes wrong. The last thing you want is for it to end up costing you, rather than saving you money. If you don’t have a home insurance policy, take a look online to find one.

But don’t be put off doing DIY during the festive holiday – after all, it’s the one time of year when you’re guaranteed a little time to yourself. So when you’re not decorating the tree, shopping for presents, or entertaining family and friends, why not get your tool belt and paintbrush out?

To avoid having to make a claim on your home insurance, take some sensible precautions to avoid any accidents. Here are three top tips:

Don’t take risks

If you don’t know how to do a job, don’t even try. It’s probably not worth the risk. Especially when it’s to do with gas, water or electricity – leave it up to the professionals.

And generally, make sure you take extra care with anything you do. If your ladder is wobbling as you begin to climb up it, don’t carry on. The chances are you could damage a part of your home – and even injure yourself. It’s also much safer to do DIY when people are around, instead of doing it alone in case something happens.

Need a new policy? Look online to find buildings insurance quotes, to make sure you have the right cover.

Take your time

Never rush a job. Consider the old saying, ‘measure twice, cut once’. Remember this and it could go a long way to helping you avoid an accident. Nothing good comes from rushing, you could just end up hurting yourself – and messing up the job you’re trying to do.

Follow instructions

If you’re using power tools or machinery – electric saws, hedge trimmers, drills – be sure to follow the instructions that come with each piece of equipment so you know you’re using it properly. And before you start, make sure each piece is in good working order and safe to use. Also, if you don’t already have a policy in place to cover your house in case there is a mishap, you can look at home insurance quotes online.

With a little bit of care and attention, it can be possible to get all of those little jobs, that you’ve been meaning to do for ages, done over the Christmas break in a safe and enjoyable way. But for any accidents that do occur to your house, get covered with home and contents insurance before you start work.


* OnePoll survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted July 2012.

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