Doctors blame ‘no win, no fee’ on rise in medical claims

The Medical Defence Union has claimed that because of the wide availability of ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors, there has been a massive upsurge of disciplinary hearings against doctors and other healthcare officials, increasing by 52 per cent.

Solicitors now doggedly go after medical negligence claims when malpractice or some other injustice has befallen a patient. It’s never been so easy.

This article aims to enlighten you about the ways in which you can get compensation for the wrongful treatment that you’ve suffered at the hands of a doctor.

How does ‘no win, no fee’ work?

‘No win, no fee’ is a policy that a lot of personal injury and medical negligence solicitors espouse today in the UK. It states that unless the case in which they are representing you legally is successful, you will not have to pay out legal costs for their representation.

In most scenarios, if your case turns out to be successful and you are awarded medical compensation, then you can probably expect your legal fees to be paid by the losing party during the hearing.

‘No win, no fee’ as a legal policy was introduced in 1995, to help people with making their medical claims, as Legal Aid wasn’t available to them if they wanted to bring a case forward.

Now, people who feel they have been made victims by their health services are no longer afraid or intimidated to go forward with their case, arming themselves with ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors of good repute.

How much do you stand to gain?

Apart from doing the socially responsible thing by inspiring others to stand up to medical injustice and malpractice, how much you get for compensation depends entirely on your condition and how badly you’re suffering.

There are different cost bands to different areas of suffering. Your future medical costs, as a result of the malpractice or misdiagnosis, will also be calculated. Brain injury compensation, for instance, usually covers all future rehabilitation and medical care for you, too.

In some cases, the losing party will pay your legal fees if you’ve won the case.

Don’t be afraid

A lot of people are put off by going in for a medical claim, as they see it as far too time-consuming and potentially difficult. There’s also the possibility that the case may affect their future medical treatment, as well as their relationship with their carers.

These are unwarranted fears, really. Making medical claims with no win, no fee solicitors have never been easier. Also, your future medical care shouldn’t be worried about at all; depending on your case, you will receive adequate funds to treat yourself for the damage done by the person you are making a claim against.


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