Could New Rules Cut the Cost of Insurance for Young Drivers?

It’s no secret that young drivers are more likely than anyone else to have an accident, and this is reflected in the price of their insurance premiums. The average is now almost £2000 per year and it’s putting many off learning to drive. The Association of British Insurers believes that the only way of cutting accidents and lowering premiums is to introduce restrictions on the driving of those who have passed their tests recently.

The ABI has made several suggestions, which will now be considered by the government.

Firstly, it has been suggested that a leading cause of accidents is distractions to the driver; specifically among young drivers, it is carrying friends in the car that poses a problem. As a result, it’s been proposed that there should be a limit on the number of passengers that a young driver can carry with them. This should improve safety.

Driving at night can prove to be hazardous. Not only is visibility reduced, but some drivers are known to increase their speed as a result of there being fewer cars on the road. By having curfew hours for new drivers, the ABI believes that night-time accidents involving young people will all but stop. It is likely however, that there will be exclusions for those who need to drive at night as part of their employment. It’s not yet known how this will be enforced.

The final major recommendation is for there to be a zero tolerance attitude to drink driving. This means that young drivers will not be permitted to have any trace of alcohol in their blood. It’s hoped that this will mean that people won’t even consider drinking the same day in which they are going to drive. There has always been confusion about the amount that people are able to drink, but for young drivers, this would no longer be an issue.

Should these recommendations be put into force, the ABI believes that the average insurance premium for young drivers could be cut by around £370, and there is the potential to save up to 200 lives and thousands of casualties. There is widespread support for such a system, but proposals were made back in 2007, and nothing has changed since. You can find Northern Ireland car insurance @ They offer smartphone telematics which young drivers can use to help them bring down the cost of insurance.

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