Claim Back Money From The Taxman If You Wear A Uniform!

Did you know you can claim back money from the taxman if you wear a uniform for your work? You might have heard some crazy ideas over the years about stuff you can claim tax back on and things you can’t. There’s a lot of things you are supposed to be able to claim for but in actuality, you can’t.

With your work uniform however, you can claim your expenses back from the tax office.

It isn’t going to be everyone who wears a uniform to work, who can claim there expenses. In order to be able to get an allowance, just like everything else, you have to meet a certain criteria.

Red tape if you will.

It seems the same with everythhing when it comes to tax.

The main criteria that you’d have to meet, is that your place of work requires you to wear your uniform. This is specific clothing with the companies logo or name on it. Not a white shirt and tie for the office.

That’s not going to cut it.

When the tax office states that you can claim back money for wearing a uniform to work, they specifically mean your work clothes.

If you work in a factory and have to wear overalls. That would be your work clothes. Likewise, if you work as a chef and the restaurant requires you to wear chef trousers, then that would be your work uniform.

On the subject of restaurants, if you happen to work as part of the front of house staff, then you might find that you aren’t able to claim tax back. It depends on the companies policy on your uniform.

If your contract states that you’re required to wear black trousers, shirt and a bow tie, then that would be clothing that isn’t specific to any particular business. After all, you can wear black trousers and a shirt to go out for the evening. It isn’t specific to your works clothing. The bow tie…Maybe. But then again, you could be part of an orchestra band at the weekend. The point is that you have to be able to show that the clothes you use for work, can’t be worn for any other occasion.

It would be though if that shirt had the company logo stitched onto it.

The same goes for telesales executives, where their contract states the dress code is “smart”. It’s not specific to your work. It just means you’re expected not to turn up dressed for a football match.

When it comes to factory workers, the company sometimes has a cleaning company which comes in at certain times to provide other overalls and pick up the dirty ones for laundry. Take them away and bring them back.

That’s a situation where you can’t claim back money from the taxman, as you wouldn’t have the expense of paying to clean them.

If you have to take your uniform home with you and wash it yourself, then that’s when you’ll meet the criteria to get paid an allowance from the tax office.

It isnt’ a huge amount. In total, it comes to about £12 a year. Still, it’s money in your pocket instead of not seeing it at all.

On the upside of this, you can claim back money from the tax office for up to a maximum of 6 years.

So if you’ve worked with the same company or another workforce where you had to wear a uniform and pay for the cleaning yourself, then you could claim tax back for the past 6 years. That’s £72. You might just be able to get full tank of petrol for that.

In order to access your money, if you’re entitled to it, all you have to do is write to the tax office asking them for an “Expenses Allowance”. You’ll find the address on your payslip or you can ask your employer if you don’t know.

On the letter you send them, make sure that you give them the following details:

<li>Your name</li>
<li>Address (including postcode)</li>
<li>Date Of Birth</li>
<li>NI Number</li>
<li>Tax Code</li>
<li>Your Employers Name (Payroll No. If Applicable)</li>
<li>Dates Of Employment For Past 6 years If Your Claiming For More Than One Job</li>
<li>Your Job Title With The Company</li>
<li>Any Payments From Your Employer For Uniform Expenses</li>

Also tell them whether you would like to have the allowance deducted from your current tax year or if you want a cheque sent out in the post. If you aren’t entitled to claim the expense, they won’t be long in telling you. So don’t worry if you’re not sure.

It can take up to 5 weeks to process these claims.

Since this is considered a small claim, you’re able to do it by phone, if you’ve claimed expenses before. Small claims are allowances for less than £1000 in expenses for each tax year.

Also note that this is an expense for having to wash your work uniform. You aren’t able to claim for the uniform itself, if you need to pay the company for it.

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