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Things to Help You Manage Money

Money is something, which causes several problems in life. There are many couples who argue over how much has been spent, while those individuals out there may worry about how much they have compared to what they need. There are several tips a person can use in order to manage their money more efficiently to ensure they are not feeling as though they are trapped in life.

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Top Tips for Finding the Best Mobile Phone Insurance

Many people dismiss mobile phone insurance cover when offered it by their network, but there is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself phoneless after a big night out on the town with friends, dropping it in the washing bowl or seeing it slip from your grasp and smash on the floor. If you don’t have insurance cover then you find yourself with another expensive investment on your hands or 18 months consigned to your Nokia 3310.

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Improve Your Savings In Three Easy Ways

Even though the UK appears to have left the worst depths of the recession, all of us have been looking for ways to save up to make sure we’re prepared in case we hit another financial rough patch.  Preparing for an economic downturn may be tricky, but we’ve listed the three most straightforward ways you can ready your saving accounts  for the worst.


  1. Establish a cash ISA. Save over £5,000 every year (and rising, as the deposit limits increase with inflation each fiscal year) without paying tax on your money.  With so many ISA products on the market, be sure to compare cash ISA rates online and select the one with the best interest rates from a reputable bank that offers the accessibility you need.


  1. Switch internet savings accounts. It’s easy to compare online savings accounts to find the ones with the highest interest.  While some will require your funds to remain in place for a certain period of time (at the risk of a harsh penalty if you access or transfer them), once that period is up, you should always look for the best offers.


  1. Set up automatic monthly deposits. Willpower often ends up derailing our best savings goals – it is hard to plan for the future when you see something you want right at that time.  But if you automatically siphon some of your wages to go into a savings account, you can avoid accessing the funds for more frivolous purchases.  This means you’ll have a guaranteed income in that account every month, allowing you to more easily plan for the future.


Actually getting hold of the spare cash to put in your savings accounts may still be tricky, but knowing how to handle the money you’ve got is the most effective way to ensure that your nest egg is thoroughly protected.


Where are the best free online classified ads for Nigerians?

Are you looking for the best free online classified ads on the market? If you happen to live in Nigeria, you may seem to believe that there are no classified ads that cater specifically to your area. The truth is that you can really post ads or look through ads online despite being in the country of Nigeria. is one of the best online websites right now because of the wonderful information that it has for buying and selling anything. The entire site is focused for Nigerians specifically, so you can be sure to be talking to other people from this country as well.

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Should You Apply For A Free EHIC Card?

The EHIC, or European Health Insurance Card, allows the holder to get free or discounted treatment in any European Union country at state run hospitals and GP’s. This inclues Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Iceland, none of which are in the European Union.

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Should I Transfer My ISA?

ISAs or Individual Savings Accounts are effectively tax free savings accounts, allowing you to save up to £5,640 each tax year (from April to April).

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