Car Insurance Tips for Young Drivers

If you are excited to get out there and get your driver’s license as soon as possible, then there is no getting around the fact that you’ll be a young driver at some point.  And that lack of experience combined with statistics on young drivers means that you’ll probably be paying higher insurance premiums as a result. Here are some tips provided on behalf of Belairdirect that young drivers can use to give themselves a break on car insurance premiums.

Get to School

One way that a young driver can make a dent in his insurance premium is to enroll in driving school.  Not every car insurance provider will recognize going to driving school the exact same way, but you will benefit in some way with most of them.  Some places will credit you with real life driving experience, while others will take a percentage off your first-year premium.  Ask around to see which car insurance company will give you the most benefit and then get yourself into driving school.

Stick with Your Parents

Even though it may not seem cool or feel independent to remain under the umbrella of your parent’s insurance, it may save you quite a bit of money.  By staying on your parent’s insurance you may be able to classify as an occasional driver, which will usually result in lower premiums.  Building up your initial driving experience as an occasional driver won’t seem so bad when you get to pay less every month.

Even if you get your own policy but bundle it with your parent’s policy from their car insurance provider, you may realize some savings.

Ask for the Discount

Discounts are what get car insurance customers everywhere excited, and young drivers shouldn’t be any different.  All providers offer discounts, but not all of them are the same.  Ask yours which discounts you qualify for, so you can start to trim down that total.

Many car insurance providers offer student discounts which would apply to a young driver, as would install safety devices and living in an area with a low stolen car rate.

Keep It Simple

It’s no secret that a lot of young drivers want to burst onto the scene with as sporty a car as possible, but this may not be the best idea for your insurance.  Sports cars are stolen more often and they usually cost more to repair, not to mention they are often driven recklessly.

Keep it simple and buy a car that’s recognized as safe.  There will be plenty of time to buy that sports car once you’ve established yourself as a safe driver and are getting the lowest insurance rates possible.


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