Avoiding Accidents in the Workplace

A staggering number of workplace accidents happen all over the world in a year. Millions of days’ work are lost, and it costs economies huge amounts of money. Businesses put a real focus on health and safety because preventing accidents means that employees miss fewer days at work. In more severe situations, businesses have to pay out work accident compensation if they are found to have caused illness, injury or death, so it’s a priority to make sure they’re doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure the workplace is safe.

What Can Employers Do?

In most countries, there are very strict laws regarding what employers must do to keep their employees safe. This will vary depending on industries, but is something that is important absolutely everywhere. While a factory with heavy machinery in it may be more dangerous, it’s just as important for employers to follow health and safety legislation in an office. This can range from very simple things, such as ensuring those seated at a desk have the correct posture, to keeping an accurate and effective fire escape plan.

Having the correct safety signage is required by law in most places, and can help prevent accidents. In such an event in which an employee is involved in an accident which could have been avoided through the use of a sign, the employer may be at fault.

What Can Employees Do?

Far too many employees see health and safety regulations as inconveniences that make things take longer. It’s important to remember that these regulations are there for your own safety, and while they may seem annoying, they do prevent accidents.

  • You should always pay attention when given any health and safety training, especially when using dangerous equipment, or when learning about procedure in the event of a fire.
  • Safety signs are there for a reason. If you see one, always be aware of what it is telling you. It might be warning of a danger, and it may tell you what precautions to take in order to mitigate a hazard.
  • You should never do something that could cause an accident for someone else, such as leaving items on the floor which could cause someone to trip and fall.

What Happens When Accidents Do Happen?

No matter how hard people try, accidents are unfortunately inevitable. When they do happen, it’s important to investigate why, so that a similar event can be prevented in the future. Most industries or companies have specific procedures in place regarding the reporting of procedure. Simply ignoring the problem is never acceptable.

In some cases, an accident may occur which is not the fault of the employee, and the employer has in some way caused it to happen. In these cases, individuals can lose out considerably through loss of earnings, or in some countries, through medical expenses. Go to www.mayiclaim.co.uk to find out more about claiming compensation if you’re ever involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault.

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