A Guide to Cheaper Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance is important because you can never tell what might happen while you are travelling, especially when you are in a foreign country. However, travel insurance can be very expensive, which is why many people hesitate about getting one. But know that there are ways to get cheap travel insurance for the whole family. It just takes a matter of time for research to be able to find the best deals. If you are looking for a guide to cheaper travel insurance, you have come to the right place.

First, you should get an EHIC or European Health Insurance Card for free. If you are traveling to Europe, it is important that you get one and have it with you while traveling. This EHIC provides medical treatment for the holder in case of emergencies. You can get medical treatment from state-run hospitals in any European country and also Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Just make sure to keep it with you when traveling as it will be invalid if it is not with you. But although the EHIC is very useful for travelers, this doesn’t mean that you will not need to get travel insurance. It should not be used as a substitute for travel insurance. Travel insurance policies cover more than what the EHIC can provide. Other than medical treatment, your travel insurance will also cover your baggage in case it gets lost or stolen. It also covers trip cancellations and delays and many other things.

To get cheaper travel insurance, one option you have is to choose the annual travel insurance policy instead of just purchasing the single trip policy. If you are a person who loves to travel or often travels within a year, this is a good option for you as it covers all of your trips for the entire year. It is cheaper and more convenient to get an insurance policy that covers multiple trips than getting a travel insurance policy every time you travel.

However, getting cheap travel insurance is not as simple as comparing rates offered by different insurance companies. There are also many factors that need to be taken into consideration. For instance, you will have to consider what you plan to do during your stay. If you plan to do extreme sports, you will have to make sure that you mention it to your insurance provider because these activities are usually not covered in your regular travel insurance. You may need to get a special insurance policy just for that. Also, make sure to tell your insurance provider if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Otherwise, the coverage may be invalid.

Understand also that insurance companies consider certain risk factors in order to determine the cost of your insurance policy. For instance, a person who has a pre-existing medical condition will most likely get an expensive insurance policy. It will even be more expensive if the person is more than 65 years old. People more than 65 years of age are more likely to file claims. Remember also that insurance companies are not charitable institutions. They are business entities. Thus, they charge higher rates for people more than 65 years old even if they are in perfect health because of the higher chance that they will file claims.

But don’t get discouraged. Consider your options online where it is possible for you to get cheaper rates for your insurance policy. Look also for specialist insurance companies that specialize in providing policies for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

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