7 Tips to Reducing Your Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can be pricey; however, it can also be reduced when you keep your eyes on this goal, as you would keep your eyes on the road.  There are a few tricks to the trade of masterminding what you would think is a more reasonable price for auto insurance, here are a few you can’t go wrong with.


Discounts typically are the fine print in a sales negotiation, sale agents will work around it, and you on the other hand will really want to know it. The best way to find out if there are any types of discounts that would help reduce your auto insurance is to ask anyone and everyone. Ask a friend or a company who specializes in matching people up with the appropriate insurance company. Additionally, you can contact an agent or auto insurance company directly; if you take this course of action keep in mind that when you ask don’t specify, ask for a list of ALL types of general discounts they offer. This way you’ll find out if you qualify for any, or if you can find a way to qualify. A few honorable mentioned discounts are as followed:

  • Some insurance companies may offer discounts for anyone who completes a defense driving course. Reducing driving risk is encouraged and incentives are in your favor.
  • There may be a discounted difference in a price if you inquire about insuring multiple vehicle/drivers. Bulk rates convert to more business for the insurance companies so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Combining policies such as (homeowners insurance with auto insurance) is a strategic way of saving.

Lowering Annual Premium

Deductibles are also an important factor to be careful of. Inquire about raising your deductibles, how would this affect your premium, typically the higher the deductible the lower the annual premium, and a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Installing an anti-theft device is another way to lower your annual premium. Although this can be expensive, you have to give a little, to receive a lot sometimes. Make sure the savings difference is substantial beforehand; your agent or insurance company will be able to help you narrow down which device(s) to choose.

Golden Rules

  • Older cars or lower-costing cars can come with less expensive insurance coverage. High-profile vehicles are expensive to repair; they typically require the newest pieces and parts.
  • Drive less, and constantly maintain progression towards decreasing mileage, and then inquire about insurance.

These seven tips are very important to remember. Knowing is half the battle, go in prepared to negotiate and ready to talk. You may find that you can take multiple approaches towards reducing your auto insurance, or you may find that you only can take one approach head on. Most likely, the right pursuit is available when you take your time and cross reference your information. This is something you are going to be paying for a long time, so you might want to get it right in the beginning, Good luck.

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