5 Things to Consider Before You Buy an Electric Car

Electric cars have been available for purchase for years, but only recently have they become more mainstream and commonplace. There are now several models of electric cars available to purchase, and this greater selection is increasing consumer interest in them. If you are considering buying an electric car for your next vehicle, there are a few things to consider to ensure that this is the right type of car for your needs. Check out electric car insurance with The Green Insurance Company.

1. How Far You Can Go On a Single Charge

Many car buyers have already purchased an electric car with the intention of never or rarely having to fill up their gas tank again. However, these vehicles are designed to drive a certain distance on a single charge. They will then use petrol as a backup energy source. If you plan to regularly drive a greater distance than your fully charged battery will take you, you should consider the fact that you will regularly still be using petrol. However, you will be using significantly less than you do now thanks to the electric battery.

2. How Charging the Car Will Affect Your Utility Bill

An electric car will need to be plugged into a special outlet on a regular basis. In fact, if you plan to commute back and forth to work in your vehicle or to use it daily for other needs, you may need to charge it nightly. Take note of how much energy a battery charge will use and consider how this increased electricity consumption in your home will affect your electricity bill.

3. The Cost Savings in Comparison to Other Types of Vehicles

Many people buy an electric car with the intention of saving money on fuel. For most, there is indeed savings in their budget after this purchase, but the savings may not be quite as significant for some as for others. For example, if you will regularly drive a greater distance than your battery can take you, you will still need to budget to fill up your fuel tank on a regular basis. Also, you should revise your personal budget to account for the changes in your utility bill. While you may not have to pay to fill up your gas tank, or you may not have to fill it up as often, there are still costs associated with the energy needed to power this vehicle.

4. Where Your Charging Station Will Go

You should also consider where your electric charging station will be placed. With most models, the dealer or manufacturer will install a charging station in your home. This is typically placed in your home’s garage. However, if you rent a home or live in an apartment, you may need to consider where the charging station will be placed and obtain permission from your landlord to install the charging station.

5. How Great You Will Feel

There are practical factors to consider when buying a car, such as how it will affect your budget, but there are also intangible factors to consider. For example, many people want to buy a stylish, socially forward vehicle that they will look great driving in and feel great about driving. Electric as well as hybrid cars can give you this feeling of driving satisfaction in a way that gas guzzling vehicles cannot.
Electric cars offer numerous benefits to you, but before you make a buying decision, you should ensure that your expectations of the car are sound and realistic. Take note of these factors as you decide if an electric car is right for you.


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