5 Signs It’s Time to Shop for New UK Car Insurance

Few people enjoy getting new UK car insurance quotes, but most will enjoy the savings they may find on their premium by shopping for new rates. The fact is that there are certain instances when shopping for a new car insurance policy makes sense and may yield great results for you. Here are five signs that it is time to shop for new insurance rates today. Get a cheap car insurance quote with Express Insurance here.

1. You Haven’t Shopped for Lower Rates in Over a Year.

Insurers change rates periodically, and a company that offered you the lowest rate a year or two ago may not provide you with the best rate today. The only way to know if another insurer offers you better rates is to get a new rate quote from a different insurer. Many experts advise comparing rates every 12 months or so.

2. You Premium is Not Affordable.

UK car insurance is a big expense in your budget, and your current policy may be unaffordable for you. Your insurer may have increased your rates recently, making the premium unaffordable. Perhaps you have experienced changes in your financial situation and need to find a way to save money. Many people who get a new rate quote are surprised at how much they can save, and you may discover savings when you shop for new cover.

3. Your Driving History Has Improved.

Your driving history is a critical component in your rate calculations. Consider how your driving history looked when you last shopped for rates. Did you have a recent accident dated within the last year or two? If more time has elapsed since that accident and you do not have any other accidents being reported on your driving history, you may qualify for lower rates.

4. You Bought a New Vehicle.

The vehicle that you drive also affects your rates. When you bought your last vehicle, did you take time to compare rates for your new car with various insurers, or did you simply contact your existing insurer to make the change? Different insurers offer different rates on the many makes and models available to you. Changing your vehicle may cause one insurer to provider lower rates than another, so it pays to compare rates if you change vehicles.

5. Your Car Insurance Company Has Poor Customer Service.

Of course, saving money on your rates isn’t the only reason to shop for a new car insurer. If you have recently filed a claim on your policy or had to deal with your insurer for another reason and were less than thrilled with the customer service you received, you should consider shopping for a new policy. Your insurer should do more for you than simply take your premium payments.

Shopping for new UK motor insurance rates seems like a hassle, but the fact is that it can be fast and easy. You simply have to request a quote online to see how much money you can save.


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