3 Reasons to Look for a Well-Established Expat Insurance Provider

If you’re going to be moving abroad on a permanent basis, it’s absolutely vital that you invest in expat health insurance before you arrive, and there are plenty of options available. Of course, many people simply compare providers by looking at their prices, but equally important is the length of time the provider has been running.

Here are just three important reasons to look for a provider that has been running for more than a couple of years.

  1. Contacts and Expertise

Look for a healthcare provider who has been providing expat insurance for decades, rather than years. Over such an extended period, the company will have developed an immense level of expertise and plenty of contacts within each country. Should you ever need to call up and ask for advice, you can count on being put in contact with an expert. Additionally, coverage plans will perfectly cover your needs since well-established providers will know exactly what people tend to look for.

  1. Ongoing Reliability

One of the worse things that can happen to an expat is learning that their health insurance provider has gone out of business. With so many companies popping up all the time to handle the increasing popularity of the expat lifestyle, this is becoming more common. Unfortunately, many of those newer companies offer temptingly low rates, then go out of business because they have underestimated their own costs, and this can leave you completely without coverage. A well-established provider can still go out of business, but they are generally a lot less likely to do so.

  1. Happy Customers

Ultimately, no business can last long if its clients and customers aren’t happy. If an insurance provider has been operating for a few decades, it’s clear that they must be doing something right. Since picking the right expat insurance provider is so important, it only makes sense to look for one that boasts its customer’s seal of approval. If an expat insurance provider is thriving, it’s likely that they deal with payments fast and always offer strong ongoing support.

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