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A Quick Guide to Healthcare Insurance in the Netherlands

One of the nice things about moving to the Netherlands is knowing that the Dutch healthcare system is going to be reasonably similar to the NHS in the UK. Sure, there are always going to be differences, but not the same kind of differences you’d expect if you moved to a country like Thailand or Indonesia. Continue reading →

Save money on your home insurance

June 2017 saw the introduction of a new standard rate of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT).

The new rate now stands at 12% of the premiums you pay for any type of general insurance, including your home insurance. When the tax was first introduced in 1994, the standard rate of this tax was set at just 2.5%, but it has increased steadily ever since. The 12% increase which came into effect on the 1st of June raised the level by two whole percentage points from the previous 10% Continue reading →

Hidden Costs of Leasing

The commercials on television might lure you into the dealership inquiring about the latest leasing program for that amazing car you just have to have. It won’t take long for the smoke to clear and for you to realize the leasing options aren’t as appealing as they seemed on TV. But, it’s still likely that leasing will save you money on a monthly payment. It will mean that you’re always driving a new car if you continue leasing. And, it will mean that all maintenance and any repairs will be covered by the dealership from which you leased. Continue reading →