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Life Insurance: Do You Need It?

Life insurance isn’t a necessity for everybody. However, if you have children, a partner, or another relative that depends on your income to cover the mortgage or other living expenses, then you need this kind of insurance. In the event of your death, the life insurance will provide for your family. Read on to learn more:


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Life insurance can pay your dependants a lump sum, or give them regular payments if you die. Certain life insurance policies run for a fixed period of time, but will only pay out if you die within that period. There’s the option to get a whole of life policy that will pay out no matter when you die, providing you keep up with your premium payments.

There are some things to consider when it comes to life insurance. This insurance only covers you in the event of death – if you can’t provide for your family due to illness or injury, it won’t pay out.

You need to be sure of the terms of the life insurance policy you take out. Some may refuse to pay out if you die from drug/alcohol abuse, and you might even have to pay extra if you take part in a risky sport.

There are policies available with other types of cover, for example, critical illness and permanent disability.

A life insurance policy is suitable for people who have dependents like children, or a partner/relative who depend on their income. The money your family may get from the government wouldn’t be much at all if anything, so if you want to provide for your family in the event of your death you need to take out insurance.

The good thing about life insurance is that it can be good value for money if you’re young and healthy. You may only need to pay a few pence per day to provide your family with enough money to live on in the event of your death. Make sure you shop around first though – IH Life Insurance offer good value for money.

You wouldn’t dream of running off and leaving your children, partner, or a defendant relative with nothing to support themselves, but that’s exactly what it’ll be like if you die without life insurance. You may not know it, but your family will struggle not only emotionally, but financially without you. In order to ensure they continue to have the best life possible without you, you need to take the appropriate steps to protect them.

Who Doesn’t Need Life Insurance?

If you’re single with no dependants, then you may not need life insurance. However, you might want to put enough money aside to help with your funeral. It’s up to you!

Hopefully this guide will have helped you decide whether or not you need life insurance. Thinking about dying is never pleasant, but if we have dependants then we must do it for them. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments – thanks for reading!


Essential Motorhome Insurance Advice

Whether you like it or not, you need insurance. If you are a motorhome owner, it is imperative that you ensure that you have the correct insurance policy in order to protect you and your motorhome. There are a number of considerations that you will need to think about prior to purchasing a new insurance policy. If you are a new motorhome owner and you don’t know where to start, this guide will give you practical advice in helping you choose the correct policy for you.


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You need to ensure that you have the best plan. The right plan will allow you to get the most from your motorhome. After all, what is the point in spending a lot of money on insurance if you are not covered for all the things that you should be. What is more, your insurance may be null and void if you do not take out the correct policy, so not only will you be out of pocket but you could also be breaking the law.


  1. Never insure your motorhome under a normal car policy. You will be within a legal framework, but your motorhome isn’t a car. It needs specialist insurance. You can compare campervan insurance quotes at
  2. Don’t purchase an insurance policy on price alone. While you may be getting a cheaper rate, you may not be covered for all eventualities. This means that while you save money in the short term, you may be out of pocket in the long term. After all, if you don’t have the right policy you could prove to make a very costly mistake.
  3. Do not assume that your policy covers everything. You need to read the documentation thoroughly and ensure that your cover meets your expectations. If it doesn’t, you can change your policy accordingly.
  4. As you well know, motorhomes are expensive. So, if you are looking at insurance make sure that you go for fully comprehensive cover. While fully comprehensive is more expensive than third-party, fire and theft cover, you will save yourself from a lot of financial heartache in the future. Spend a little now and see a return in the future.
  5. As there is a wide variety of motorhome types, you need to ensure that your vehicle is covered under current insurance policies. Talking to a specialist motorhome insurance company will help you with this. You cannot put a price on expert advice.
  6. One key point to remember is that if you are planning on travelling abroad that your motorhome insurance covers you for this. Some people prefer to use their motorhomes for domestic purposes only. However, if you are planning on travelling the world in yours, you need to make sure that you take out the right insurance.

One of the main things to remember when insuring your motorhome is that you have the correct cover for all eventualities. Do not be lured in by cheap introductory prices. This may result in you not being covered for every eventuality. While you make small savings now, this mistake could prove to be costly in the future. Of course, insurance is one of those necessary evils but do endeavour to take the correct policy out to avoid making expensive mistakes.

How to buy Cheap gas for Your Business

All business owners should try to reduce their overheads, so finding a cheap, suitable energy supplier is important. Usually, electricity and gas is purchased well ahead of time, and energy companies speculate on the wholesale price movement. Consequently, when the energy comes to be sold, no two suppliers are in the same financial situation, so they charge different amounts.

As a result, to find the most competitive energy rates, it is wise to research the prices of several different suppliers, prior to choosing one. Thankfully, the world wide web has made this a simple task, because an energy supplier comparison website is the best way to find a good deal. A variety of suppliers and energy plans are offered throughout the UK. On many websites, you can type in your postcode, and it will list the suppliers that are local to you.  Have a look here for example:

Another factor that can influence your choice of energy plan is the quantity of energy your company uses. Some energy firms will request a recent copy of your gas bill, to help them assess your present energy consumption. Some energy plans feature fixed standing fees, along with a reduced per unit price for electricity and gas. This is counterproductive for companies that use a relatively small amount of energy, but beneficial for companies with high energy consumption. Fixed priced plans allow businesses to know in advance how much their energy bills will be, so they can budget accordingly. For some business owners, this is considerably more convenient.

Occasionally, after using a comparison website, you may find that the most suitable energy plan for your business is through a provider that you are unfamiliar with. However, most of these websites display links to customer feedback scores as well. This means that you can compare different energy suppliers, based on price and customer ratings. In a worse case scenario, if your provider fails to maintain your energy supply, Ofgem has introduced measures to ensure that you are compensated.

Certainly, you should not experience any blips with your energy supply. The same cables and pipes will be used to deliver your gas and electricity. Therefore, when conducting your research into different energy plans, you can rest assured that there will be no power outages, if you do opt to change suppliers.

Although shopping around to ensure that you are getting value for money is important, reducing your energy consumption is a more effective way of lowering your energy costs. Installing half hourly meters on your business premises enables you to regularly check your energy usage. This way, you can identify money saving opportunities.

Half hourly meters measure power consumption every thirty minutes, and relay this data to your energy supplier. As a result, your readings are constantly updated, and no manual intervention is required. Best of all, you only have to pay for the power your company uses. The Business Energy Store, which was started by two brothers called Jonathan and Keith, specializes in the bespoke gas and half hourly markets.