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How I Quit My Job and Became Stress-Free

I know what you’re thinking: I hit the lottery and I was able to retire in a style I had never really expected. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen; otherwise, chances are I wouldn’t even be writing this article. However, many people these days are finding themselves fairly fed up with their extremely stressful jobs. This can be due to a wide variety of reasons, from a long commute to work and back home, to a very demanding and fairly aggravating boss, to excessive physical labour, which can literally wear you out. But it doesn’t mean that you have to continue with your present employment, especially if it’s wearing you down and keeping you from enjoying your leisure time, perhaps your family, or perhaps a night out at the local pub with your mates. Perhaps it’s time to explore some unusual jobs which can be extremely stress-free.


Have Beds, Will Test

Yes, this could truly be one of the most bizarre yet satisfying jobs you could ever imagine. How about being a professional bed tester? Many hotels, in an effort to provide their customers with the most rewarding experience, need to continually check how comfortable their beds are. They can’t necessarily rely on feedback from their clients, so some chains have begun creating positions for professional bed testers, who go around lying down on the job, so to speak, and reporting back as to which beds are acceptable and which need to be changed. As long as you have plenty of energy, and are not prone to falling asleep on the job, this could be just the thing you need.

Traveling the World in Your Swimsuit

Did you ever stop to think why some water parks provide more enjoyable rides than others? It is partly due to the fact that some organizations that have multiple water parks actually employ people to test their waterslides, to make sure that they are not only safe, but that they provide an entertaining experience for young and old alike. Yes, you have to travel the world testing waterslides all over the world, but hey, you get to wear suntan lotion most of the time and go to work in your swimsuit. It could be a lot worse. If the idea of sun and sand appeals to you, you might want to see if the position of caretaker for the 900 or so islands that surround the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is available. The last time I checked, the position was actually awarded to a British fellow out of over 35,000 applicants, but you never know. He might actually get bored by all of that natural beauty and decide to go do something else.

Leveraging the Power of Our Modern Economy

Granted, these are fairly unique situations, but they go to show that if you think a little outside the box, you might just find yourself a great job which has very little stress attached to it. Then again, you may have thought of setting up a recruitment agency, which is also not a bad idea. Getting yourself set up can be fairly simple, as long as you visit and learn about all the ways they can help you get up and running in no time at all. With the money you can generate, you can go try out the waterslides yourself.