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How New Car Insurance Regulations Impact on us all

All motorists would do well to learn the rules that govern car insurance, whether or not they use their vehicles. In June 2011, Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) was implemented, mainly to bring uninsured drivers to book. According to CIE, every vehicle has to be insured or must have DLVA registration as off the road – officially called as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). However, as per a study conducted by Post Office a year later reveals that more than 20% of the drivers are still in the dark about the new rule.

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Improve Your Savings In Three Easy Ways

Even though the UK appears to have left the worst depths of the recession, all of us have been looking for ways to save up to make sure we’re prepared in case we hit another financial rough patch.  Preparing for an economic downturn may be tricky, but we’ve listed the three most straightforward ways you can ready your saving accounts  for the worst.


  1. Establish a cash ISA. Save over £5,000 every year (and rising, as the deposit limits increase with inflation each fiscal year) without paying tax on your money.  With so many ISA products on the market, be sure to compare cash ISA rates online and select the one with the best interest rates from a reputable bank that offers the accessibility you need.


  1. Switch internet savings accounts. It’s easy to compare online savings accounts to find the ones with the highest interest.  While some will require your funds to remain in place for a certain period of time (at the risk of a harsh penalty if you access or transfer them), once that period is up, you should always look for the best offers.


  1. Set up automatic monthly deposits. Willpower often ends up derailing our best savings goals – it is hard to plan for the future when you see something you want right at that time.  But if you automatically siphon some of your wages to go into a savings account, you can avoid accessing the funds for more frivolous purchases.  This means you’ll have a guaranteed income in that account every month, allowing you to more easily plan for the future.


Actually getting hold of the spare cash to put in your savings accounts may still be tricky, but knowing how to handle the money you’ve got is the most effective way to ensure that your nest egg is thoroughly protected.


Let’s do the Price Timewarp (Infographic)

Insurance is an important part of life and we are forever trying to help you to find new and innovative ways to save money on this necessity. However, have you ever stepped back and wondered how much you are spending on other everyday items? This is definitely something to take into consideration, especially with the ever rising cost of everyday living. Take a look at this English infographic that shows just how much the prices of normal items have risen in just 50 short years.

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Life Insurance Vs Wills

Making plans for what will happen to your assets and estate once you pay away is, of course, important. Many people create a will in the middle of life that they can add to or change from time to time. Because we never know what is around the corner, having life insurance and/or a will help your peace of mind for the family when you die.

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Protecting Your Laptop

It’s a pretty obvious statement to say that laptops don’t come cheap. Whether they’re top of the range models or mid-range products aimed at the “any model will do as long as it works” market, they’re still not what you could call cheap, so when something goes wrong it’s not only disastrous practically – because you’ve lost all of your work, photos or music – but financially too.

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Students – Insure Your Tech Ahead of the New Term

“Would you like to add an insurance policy to your purchase?” “no thanks” – a common conversation held between the customer and the cashier in the majority of electrical stores. Having spent enough money on the device, whether it’s a new laptop or a fancy smartphone, we don’t want to hand over any more cash for anything, but when it comes to insuring your amazing new device, we really should stop and think before declining.

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Personal Injury Claims: How Much Compensation?

How much compensation am I going to get? That is one of the most frequent questions that we encounter here in the personal claims industry. That’s completely understandable – even if a solicitor and an expert in claims deal with the vast majority of the work, launching a claim for compensation is still something that will take time, so you’ll want to be aware of the expected level of compensation.

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Life Insurance and the Ban on Premiums

Quite recently many words have been written on blogs and in newspapers in regards to the EU’s recent ruling which has put a definite ban on regulating premiums based on one’s gender, a law that comes in effect as of December. While most people are looking at it from a car insurance perspective, very few have actually touched on the subject as to how that ban affects life insurance premiums. To make this long story short, the ban is going to have very much the same effect as it will for the cost of car insurance; the premiums are going to rise. And so, many women are encouraged to take a life cover before prices inevitably skyrocket. But why exactly are the prices going to rise?
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