20 Methods to beat banking fraud

Have you been the victim of banking fruad, are you worried about your personal infomation online?


*Installing antivirus software in your computer which is updated will prevent your computer from viruses , infiltration ,and froud.this installation will give extra safety of cash especialy in maintaining the computer systerm software.To avoid this spams ensure that you don’t write email addres online , avoid blocking emails that you want to use and avoid setting up rules on the emails.
*avoid receiving unknown calls messages and cold callers.The best way to avoid them is through registering for calls to be blocked from the information service.this will take almost amonth after registration.
*avoid caresless clinking on links that usual appears on your emails that are maybe requesting for your password.this will reduse the number of frauders who use these links to cony people to their websites that looks like the real sitesof the company.
*install antivirus which will scan all the incoming emails which contains programs that have been used by these frauders.create firewalls which will protect the hackers and anuthorized information from entering your computer if you happen to have a wide range of connectivity through the internet.
*protect your bank details or pin .to ensure this make sure you have adequate security especialy on sensitive information concerning your bank details and the firm that is involved should conform to the act and keep personal infornation.
*changing your password and ensure its protectedyou must include characters that entails numbers ,symbols , letters and avoid using the passwords that you have used in opening other accounts or your ID number this will ensuer a strong and secure password.when setting up your password use atleast six characters and look at the color bar to see the password is strong and secure.make it to easy to remember and do not disclose to any person
*spammers usualy target elderly person.victims in their 70s ,80s ,and 90s are vulnerable to these emails by reading them and replying them because they are more prolific through these emails.to avoid this they should be adviced on how to avoin thise types of emails.
*if it happen by chance that you have been cought offgourd by this frauders seek assistance from citizens and relative to advise you on how to get consumer service and victims report through relevant teleohone numbers.this service will guide you on how to tract them and take regal action on them.
*when going for shopping on goods that you want ensure that you chect the terms and conditions which apply whether ther are standard according to the act that best apply.
*if you are not sure of the company that you are shopping from internet is the best way for you .you will google the company name looking at the compliments to ensure that the company is best fit.
*when you are making a purchase make sure that you can afford the item and be able to pay the amount.
*when making the payment ensure that the payment is secure to saferguard your payment trough signing up with the master card secure code and verified by visa
*if you use your credit cards just use it to make payments which is less than 100 and not more than that.
check the delivery date and prices.chect the date of a manufactured and the expering date plus the cost of the produst before going a heard to purchase.
*know whe you have cancellation rights

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